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taking top gear to court!? what the!?!?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/world/8774381/race-row-hits-top-gear/

    this is just pathetic! they make fun of everyone, and everyone cops it cause it's hilarious! they make fun of aussies, of themselves, of americans, of new zealanders, all asian people etc. and now this!?!? i bloody hope top gear wins - they're f*ucking awesome!

  2. They produce sports cars in Victoria?
    But seriously, this kinda response will do heaps for the reputation now...
  3. That segment was funny as hell. Though soon as it was over I was thinking to myself that this will get them in hot water.

    I think people through the term racism around too much these days. There is a difference between being racist and making fun of people based on a stereotype.
  4. Being fair, TG plaster it on just about everyone. The Germans in particular cop it. And cop it sweet, generally.
  5. I hope they don't get slapped hard. Seriously, the show makes fun of everybody, starting with various flavors of brit. What's so precious about the mexicans?
  6. So much for democracy and freedom of speech, not that it's written down anywhere.
  7. yeah, exactly right!

    and it's a big different, too. i make fun of all types, and mainly of myself. i completely disagree with racism and don't allow it, but when it's all or nothing and just stereotyping, which TG do, then that's fine!
  8. This was reported in the Guardian yesterday. Interestingly, the lawyers for the bird who is bringing the action were also involved in the Jade Goody/English Big Brother racism scandal eight years ago:


    It would be interesting to find out who got onto whom, whether de al Torre sought out that law firm, or whether they heard something and went to her ?

    I also wonder if TG will defend it on grounds of irony. I remember that Terry Lane successfully defended some sort of vilification claim made against him on such grounds when he was broadcasting for Radio National.
  9. When I saw the segment in question I knew it was going to end up in some serious complaining.

    This would be my thoughts, it seemed quite deliberate and not really funny.
  10. Aw come on - they pull the piss out of each other, Aussies, Germans, Frenchies, Lorry drivers etc etc all the time, and I'll bet that taco-eating bint loves every minute of it...
  11. She probably just wants the money so she doesnt have to go to work, can just stay at home and snooze.
  12. ^^ what he said hahahaha :rofl:
  13. It's true, Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, but that doesn't mean it ain't funny.

    (Appeals to the lowest common denominator, too. Clarkson's been laughing all the way to the bank for years.)
  14. Exactly ogden - I love the segments where they dump on Australia, and the competition last year where they robbed us blind was, to me, hilarious.
    I can see the difference between saying stuff because it's funny, and saying it because you really believe it's true.
  15. Ignorant? To think for a second that the presenters actually agree with the script is ignorant.
  16. Surely, Clarkson et al. write their own script for each week's show. (Which to run with your point, still doesn't mean they actually believe what they say is true... or intend that their audience interpret it as true.)
  17. Whether they do or don't, the script is written and re-written and re-written until the author is satisfied it will get maximum audience reaction.
  18. Hehe I think "sports car" is a bit of a long bow, but I actually like that thing in a nostalgic-kinda way!
  19. That they couldn't come up with their own design so they ripped off the Nova from the Poms.