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Taking things for granted.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. I work at a computer lab for the Wollongong University College which consists of about 95% Asian students. Anyway a student had just come in to collect some printing and ask a question. I noticed a Valentino Rossi hat hanging of his hip and so naturally got talking about motoGP and Bikes. I found out he is japanese and he used to ride his dad's trail bike back in japans (around the streets aswell as off-road).

    I asked about the licence system due to it occasionally popping up on here and found out the following:

    There are three classes of bike licence:

    1. 0 - 50cc
    2. 51 - 400cc
    3. 401 and greater.

    I can confirm that yes you do have to be able to pick up a bike from each class in order to complete each test for the corresponding licence class. However the thing that shocked me was the fact that he said it would cos around $2000 to get your 51 - 400cc class licence. :shock:

    And here we are whinging about the ~$200 or so it costs to get a licence over here and all the other aspects of obtaining a licence when the country that MAKES the majority of the bikes we ride has to go through SO MUCH WORSE!!! Even though laws may be slowly clamping down it makes you think how lucky we still are.
  2. cost of living i think is very high in japan
  3. I would be interested to hear from people in Europe about their motorcycle and car licensing/testing regimes. I have heard that for some Euro countries the testing is quite stringent, prolonged, and expensive.

    Does such tougher licensing reduce the number of deaths/injuries?
  4. Yeah it is!! My sister was there recently and a friend of mine lived there for 3 months. Tourists get especially hammered $$$ wise if they aren't careful. He said he was lucky when he first got there as he met a lovely girl her in a bar (he knew some japanese, but not enough so they thought he was sleazy). She then asked him if he was a model (which he reckons they think alot of young, white males who go there are), which he thought was hilarious as he is far from it. However he said yes so she took him to the 'model' only clubs and from then on he was sweet. He said it was the best 3 months of his life!!!
  5. You'd think it would have to have SOME impact upon the numbers by making your licence harder to get. IMHO the L's test for NSW is an absolute joke and i laughed my way out of the RTA. If they honestly expect that test to give adequate road craft as to be even 20% competent then they are seriously mislead.

    I was taken-a-back at how incredible easy it is to obtain a motorcycle learners permit. I reckon i could have almost done the test with my eyes closed.
  6. In California, the final test is about equivalent to the NSW license test. However, after passing there are no restrictions on the bike.
    Most of the people I met on a 2.5 day course prior to the test were planning to start riding on 600cc+ bikes. One guy's wife bought him a 1200cc bike for his birthday, and that would be his first bike.

    During the course I heard from one of the instructors that some people from Europe came to the U.S. to get their motorcycle license to make it faster/cheaper to get their license back in their home country.