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Taking The Wheels Off My NINJA 250!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wonderboy4, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Hi, I need to take the wheels off my ninja for a spray/powdercoating I'm getting done. I've never done it before so any advice you could give me would be great (I have a front and rear stand).

    But what probably concerns me the most is getting the tyres off the wheels. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need a tool of some kind to help me seperate the two but I'm wondering if anyone has ever done it before and if you could post a bit of a guide, that would be awsome.

  2. Take the wheels to the tyre shop and get the guy to chuck them on the machine for 5 seconds, he might even charge you 5 bucks! I'm going to assume it would be cheaper and easier to get them to take them off and put them back on then buy tools and learn how to do it yourself. Getting tyres on and off can be tricky and hard work, I've driven oven tyres in a work van loaded with over a ton of hydraulic gear to try get them off the bead (on car tyres) good luck if you try it on your own. Maybe look on youtube.
  3. If you have to ask... :p
  4. Hehehehee, I thought the topic read, "TALKING the wheels off my 250 Ninja...."

  5. As Zealt has said, take them to a tyre shop. What takes them 30 seconds could cause you a great deal of pain.
  6. +1

    its all about the tools. I do whatever I can on the bike but switching tyres is a b1tch so I usually opt out of this effort filled task.
  7. to do it yourself, get some rim protectors and 6" tyre levers, use the sidestand of the bike on the edge of the tyre to break the bead, and lever tyre off, beware it's a biatch of a job, i do them every now and again when i get bored or want a challenge, putting them on now that is a bigger biatch of a job.

    Btw places will charge you about 20-30 depending where you go
  8. make sure u use the right tools and not just a crowbar or something... so that you don't damge the rim seals.

    Taking the wheels off is a very easy job when youve got stands.
    Beware if your ninja has never had the front wheel off, it may be on extremely tight as the muppets at the factory use a rachet gun to put some of them on. I had a sqeaking noise from mine while moving, and the thing was on as tight as the lycra on a gymnast.
  9. Thanks to every one for thier advice and input. I just got the tyres off then with the help of a couple mates. All went smoothly and I've decided to let my local bike shop deal with the tyres after getting a fairly cheap quote to take them off and put them back on again.

  10. haha side stand is a cool idea! With car tyres me and my mates used to put a plank of wood onto the tyre, get someone to stand on the rim and reverse a car up the plank to pop the bead. Then we'd just lever the old tyres off and the new ones on. This was only ever for burnout tyres with no balancing needed etc. It was handy when you didn't have any tools available (like in the industrial zone :D)
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