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Taking the next step - Upgrading to a 600cc but which one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Squiggly, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Well in the next couple of months I'll be off my P's. I have asked a few mates on which path I should take on upgrading, majority have said just go straight to 1000 and I've been humming and arhing but I have decided to get a 600cc sports bike next then get a 1000cc. I already know exactly what 1000cc I want BMW S1000RR (I'm a BMW nut) and I have researched a lot of 1000cc bikes and I'II be buying it brand new.

    I currently have a 1997 Aus CBR250rr which I already have a buyer for in a couple of months and I only lose $500 when selling, its mint with 26,000 on the clock. I have clocked about 5000km already myself and I went for a 200km spin today after 3 months (winter) and felt so comfortable on the road straight away.

    Well anyhow, Ideally and foremost I would like a 600cc that the missus feels comfy on, she is only a tiny 55-60kg thing. Also I don't want to spend really more than $8,000 inc on road for the bike since ill upgrade to my BMW in 2years anyhow. The problem is there is so much to choose from out there, I understand people will say the cliché "take them for a spin and decide" which I will, but is there the last of a model I should pick out that has all the bells and whistles before the company changes the bike? I'm looking at mostly CBR/R6/GSXR and Ninja.

    or is there a website that has all the previous years comparison reviews stored?

  2. Good move. After a few years on a 1000 you'll probably realise that you're not any faster than you were on the 600 anyway :) The 600s are all pretty similar in terms of performance so just go with the best deal/bike you like the most.
    No sportsbikes are very good for pillions but some of the older ones (CBRFs, early K series gixxers)are a bit roomier than the new stuff. Happy hunting!
  3. Thanks for the quick responses guys, I'll be doing alot of research in the coming months. Should i consider an older bigger bike like a Honda CBR954RR (134bhp) if i want a pillion, as i see alot of the new 600cc bikes are pushing 105bhp+ ?1?1 so many paths i could take . . .
  4. Any Japanese sportsbike in the last 10 years is more than 99% of any riders can better. Take the wife shopping and buy the one that she might actually get on.
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  5. Tell the bride to get her own bike and you go purchase what you want. There aren't many sports bikes out there that will be comfy for her on the back let alone you riding.
    If you must get a bike to suit the both of you, try out a StripleR or sports bike, the 675 is worth a looksee.
  6. Pretty much my thoughts too, plus, why don't you consider a VFR-750 Honda? Plenty of speed and handling if you want to fang around, and great for touring with a lady pillion as well... reasonably low seat height if she wants to/is able to ride it too
  7. Save your money & buy the s1000, just keep it in n00b (rain) mode.

    You can sell it to me in a couple years with less than 10,000km on it.

  8. That works for about 10 minutes.

    I planned to keep mine in rain mode for the first month, but for some unknown reason it was in sport by the time I got home, now it's in race mode all the time!

  9. But you are a known hoon.................... :bolt:
  10. woah woah guys, easy now I am only 24 no wife yet, just a girlfriend of a couple years bwahaha she knows where she stands haha!!!

    Thanks for the replies and feel free to keep them comming. I wouldn't be able to resist staying in noob made with the s1000rr. Well im not that big either 5'10" and 80kg so both of us i would of asumed would fit on a 1000cc bike pretty easy . . . guess not!

    Well a sports bike is a must as i just perfer the styling and i dont get sore on my current ride at all . . . hmmm i could go fetch myself a s1000rr but i don't feel that its the wises thing to do . . . i might look into an older cbr954rr the are still fairly light and less power and pretty cheap also. New 600cc are basically just as powerful and quick . . .
  11. There is no real correlation between engine size and physical space, the Ninja 250R has more legroom than a ZX10.
  12. different power delivery. 954 will have a lot of torque. Better for pillioning. New 600s are powerful, but its all high. Very revvy. Not too much down low.
  13. Forget all the other bikes, they might be good but none can pull of bring green as well as a good Ninja (I might be a little biased) :)...................just get a cheap 600 bike since your already set at getting that BMW. Something like a ZX6R 636 would be in the ball park, mybe make it -1 front and +2 back would give you that little more umph during takeoff :)...........that should prepare you a little bit better when you finally get that monster Beemer.

    You can get a more expensive 600 bike like a Daytona, but the hit from buying a more expensive bike and selling it in two years would be more...................obviously.
  14. If I was getting a 600 with that budget I would go straight to the 07-08 ZX6r.
    I was seriously considering getting one recently, but I miss the big power of a 1000.

    How often would you have a pillion? If it is only something like 5% of your time on the bike, then why would you make that the main consideration? Would you be doing weekend trips away on a regular basis, or just a trip to a cafe or the movies together?
  15. Did the OP say he's got 5,000km riding experience and he wants to buy the most powerful superbike on the market?

    I've had a litrebike for about 4 months after doing years of mountain riding, track days but I still question the thou a bit. I've owned a CBR900RR, Daytona 675, CBR1100XX, VTR1000F, CBR600RR and now the R1 (that's just the big bikes, I've shared heaps of small bikes with my gf). Seriously the rest of the bikes were all pretty equal in straight line performance but the R1 is in a league of its own. It's funny being able to clutch it up at 140kph and do 160+ in 1st gear, but it's a huge learning curve on the mountains. I went for the litre because I've never owned a proper superbike and I wanted something a bit more comfortable than a 600 and a bit more racey than a sports tourer.

    I reckon learning (getting off your Ps is just the beginning) on a proper litrebike is nuts. I know heaps of people who have done this but they all ride like shit. It's not about being able to "handle the power", it's about learning to throw the bike around like a rag doll which is very hard (I can't do it) on a superbike but I could on all my old bikes. It's kinda embarrassing being an experienced rider and feeling like a n00b again.

    I think your 954 idea is good, they make excellent pillion bikes (as far as supersport bikes go), they make good torque with a very liner power curve. They don't make insane power but its very predicable and confidence inspiring . My first big bike was the cbr900rr and it was fantastic. I did tens of thousands of pillion mountain riding on that thing.