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Taking Scooter on a Sydney Train - possible?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by moog, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. I have to transport a bike around 80km and where I start and where I end are both on a trainline. Has anybody ever just turned up and rolled their bike into the bike area between carriages? I'm talking a registered postie, not a roadster. I know it's not ideal but has anyone ever done it and is there any specific ruling saying you can't? means I could get to riding destination quicker and cheaper.

    I do need to think about choosing stations near by with flat entry (no stairs) and if nobody here has done it then I think I'll take one for the team and give it a go.

    I'm assuming worst thing they would do is kick me off?

  2. is this a troll ????
  3. :s

    Why not just ride...? They will probably object since it has petrol in the tank
  4. I believe there's a specific rule prohibiting carriage of petrol engines, but you'd have to go searching for it yourself.
    If I'm correct there will likely be a fine involved...

    A postie should be easy to manage in other ways if you think outside the square and get your spanners out ;)
  5. Bike has issue with gearbox and can get it fixed at a mates who is 80km away. Otherwise it's 40km/hour down highway (which would take 2 hours)
  6. risk it, esp. now. Smile, play dumb - ask them "are you sure?" smile.

    Plenty of elevators (in Syd anyway)

  7. moogs no troll bud, hes our mighty car mods man, google it :)
  8. do it, i once saw a photo of someone doing this in melbourne on a train i think.
  9. I don't know about Sydney: but down in Wollongong, the Guards didn't really care if anything had a Motor or not, as long as you stayed near the Bike and didn't cause any trouble (like, for instance, starting it up to show off to Mates)

    I don't know the exact rules or Law: but play it dumb, but polite: the most your likely to get is a "Get off Next Station", unless your really obnoxious, or get extremely unlucky with a Grumpy Guard.
  10. !!!!
    Dam good show, I'm tempted to make a Magna STi in tribute to that beautiful episode
  11. Give it a go as others have said. Plead ignorance if stopped.


    Dangerous materials

    Toxic, flammable and/or hazardous materials including motorised scooters, bikes, lawn mowing or other equipment that have petrol motors, are not permitted on stations or trains.
  12. Take it on and if you get asked by Tansit/Police say you're sick of overcrowded trains and how you can never get a seat so I decided to bring my own on ;)
  13. Thanks guys. I'll keep you posted... ;)
  14. please do - I want to hear the story!
  15. knowing moog, he will film it lol
  16. Get a teenage girl to take it. They can get away with anything...
  17. I could organise one of those...

    Moog, dont you know anyone with a ute or a van? :p

  18. if she chucks leggies like she does in her photos, im there :D
  19. hahaha, ill bring her on the next group ride :p