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Taking pictures of riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zx10r, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I have taken some pictures of riders in the last few months from the side of the road. My intention is to sell the digital picture to the rider if they want the picture. I was wondering what the general feeling of this activity is amoung other riders?
    I upload the pictures to the web in small size so people can see the pictures. I make sure to make the number plate unidentifiable for personal privacy.

    Anyway, thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

  2. As long as you don't see the actual drug deal go down, then I'm ok with it!
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  3. There is no "right to privacy" in public places.
    You can take whatever pics you like, and as the author you "own" copyright in the images.
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  4. Well said!
    I’d “thank” you but think this deserves more than that
  5. So long as you don't annoy me like the guys in the restaurants.
  6. dont stand at distracting places or dress like a cop......................then its all ok.
  7. There's a guy called bikephoto in sydney, he puts a sign a few corners before to warn you and you can only view photos of your own bike by entering your numberplate and date/road.

    Once I saw a guy taking photos next to a grey xr6 falcon, way to scare the riders lol
  8. I'd be happy to get some action shots of me - where and when are normally? how do people know to find you if you've already taken shots?
  9. Can your camera capture my photo as i ride past 200KM/H popping a mono?
  10. theres a dude that does it on mt nebo.

    If you set it up like him, then yeah its fine :D Hide in the bushes and dont distract the riders.... then every couple of hundred metres down the track put up signs that say

    "your photo was taken"
    "check out the photos at......"
  11. Hang on! he didn't mention anything about a bike. You taking photos of me in the shower? Not cool.

    use a wide angle lens next time. And yes I always wake up that "happy".
  12. thanks for the replies.
    It can be difficult to get in the right spot becuase you want to get a picture as people come around a corner, but also do not want to freak these people out.
    In the few hours i spend it did not seem people got too freaked out.

    I'd be happy to get some action shots of me - where and when are normally? how do people know to find you if you've already taken shots?

    I am taking pictures on the mac pass. I have a sign in the pie shop window which has my email / the website where the pictures are. I am hoping word will spread over time. Winter is probably not the best time to do this either, not as many people on the road.
  13. Ive done it once before on old road before i was a rider, initially the plan had been to make a sign and put it before the corner entry for the direction i was photographing. however i got fairly intoxicated the night before and that part of the plan went out the window a bit. A few tips from me:

    1. dont dress like a cop if its safe to do so park your motorcycle before the corner or stand next to it etc.

    2. Watch your ass and have an exit strategy planned out should the worst happen and 200kg of bike starts flying towards you at 150kph

    3. Give the riders a thumbs up or something like this so that their minds can be put at rest a bit, or stop off at rider cafe's before hand and let a few riders know (if they exist on the road you want to photograph)

    As for camera settings there are two basic options:
    1. very high speed photography to freeze the motion completely - you will need about 1/2000th of a second to achieve this if the riders are going 100+

    2. slow shutter speeds using second curtain flash, you will need a powerful flash gun and a monopod to do this, as well as a very steady hand, it results in a blurred background and a frozen rider, giving a sense of speed. This is quite an advanced technique and will require a fair bit of practice and professional equipment.

    Good luck

    EDIT: as for number plates, i dont see the point in blurring them unless requested to do so. They are constantly on display to every single person behind you and you cant just google someones number plate and get their address. Also you cannot prove speeding from a photo of a motorcycle going around a corner, even if its fully cranked over with the rider going balls out.

    More EDIT: Im also considering starting a bit of a business doing this over the summer, good luck!
  14. thanks for the reply. I have mainly been using slow shutter speed and panning.
    It's a bit hard to let people know what you are doing since there are 100's of bikes going past and if you are waiting up at the pie shop its time you aren't taking pictures :)

    here are the pictures ive taken so far http://s1219.photobucket.com/home/PassPhotos2011/index
  15. Great photos mate, hope my post didnt sound condescending or anything, you never know if your dealing with a 17 year old with a 550D or some one with the skills. As for rider cafes and such of course time you spend there is time you miss out on taking photos, but in my opinion taking many pictures of people who dont know who you are will be less profitable then taking fewer photos of people who are willing to buy them.

    Imo ask the pie shop if you could give them business cards / put up a poster in their store or something like this that way you have permanent advertising.


    Also meeting riders and introducing yourself to them is a great way to get them to spread word of mouth for you, because that way they know your a good guy and they can put a face to the person they are giving money to.
  16. great advice. I agree with taking fewer pictures and possibly selling more. :)
  17. Posting up your proposed location and times on here a few days in advance couldn't hurt, and (as much as I hate to say it) a Facebook presence probably isn't a bad idea either.

    Continuing to think aloud: organise a "Vendor" badge here and run specials for NR members on photographs.
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  18. You really need a sign asap. You looked like a copper with a laser gun, completley threw me of the corner. Besides that go for it and yes I would blur out plates.
  19. A few months ago a mate brought his action shot slr down to the nasho with me and another rider, and we'd set up on a couple of corners and hammered it through. We had a couple of morons in cars run wide and almost clean us up, and a bloke on a gsxr come screaming past about 15 times posing with his knee on the deck.

    Most of the riders didn't seem too bothered - we did have our bikes parked on the shoulder and we were standing in plain sight so that may have changed the score.
  20. Pics look really great, I'd definitely buy one if I knew it was there.

    Sunday 26th June, Pic 22. Is it just me or is that rider copping a handful?

    Lucky bugger.