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Taking Paint off Fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CharlieBrown, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. My ZZR250 was knicked and returned to me in a couple of pieces, I've done a read up on the net into repairing my own fairings and according to a few sights a bit of acetone and ABS plastic and I can "weld" them all back together, yeah both front left/right and the headlight fairing damaged, I can save at least one and depending on how that goes can attempt the other two.

    Anybody got advise on stripping the paint? The old job is flaking off around many of the scratch marks, and theres a bit of a dent and a scratch on the fuel tank so I'm kinda looking at an all over job, but thought itd be good and save me a bit if I could strip it all first.

    So any advise on stripping paint??
  2. have u heard of sandpaper. 100 grit approx

    But serously there is a product designed to strip paint from plastic its in arosualt form. but good luck finding it. Only avalible from auto trade paint shops. about 20$ a pop.

    Let us know how u go, as i only weld the plastics ive heard of the liquid but never bothered with it.
  3. Yeah I thought of that!! :shock: But thought it might result in taking off a fair bit of plastic from the fairings, but for lack of a better option ill go with it.

    Will keep you posted on the acetone gig, a spot test looked quite promising.