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taking out r55 baffle

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hyo_duc, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. hi guys sorry if this is in the wrong forum
    but i need some help
    i have taken the baffle out of my slip on r-55 exhaust on my 08 gsxr 600
    all i'm really wanting to know is if it is ok to run the bike without it... is it alright for the engine or whatnot, it wont be harmful in any way will it. i am just thinking of the same idea of running a bike without an exhaust tip at all... not sure if this can relate to some extent.

  2. Removing a silencer or actually like cutting a baffle out?

    I'm assuming because its efi it should be able to adjust the mixtures to suit. Shouldn't be an issue. That said I make a habit of always checking a/f mixture (lambda) with any exhaust mod.

    Google it? No doubt someones done it before.
  3. ill have a look, it is a removable baffle with an Allen key
  4. Yes its intended to be easily removed, and doesnt effect the engine enough to worry about. (slight gain in noise)
    I did find my 750 was a little smoother with it though.
  5. hmm that lamba thing is complicated.
    the bike does feel much smoother, im actually surprised how much, but it also does sound a lot meatier, all over the rev range!
    obviously a tune n dyno would make the two (exhaust n engine) work together, do you think it is worth the trouble?
  6. Hi Hyo Duc

    How did you remove the baffle? Did you have to take your exhaust off the bike?

    The allen key hole seems to be tricky as I can see that the screw (when it comes lose) may drop into the actual exhaust housing. Can you tell me how you did it?
  7. Dont worry I took it out.

    If anyone is wondering:

    1. take off rubber cover on tip of R-55 (facing swingarm)
    2. Use allen key through the hole and unscrew
    3. small amount of WD 40 on the tip of the baffle
    4. stick your fingers in and twist the baffle to loosen before you pull

    I tried pulling and it wouldnt budge - due to not much grip - and it being a bit stuck as it had been in there a while