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Taking off without clutch lever

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Billsy, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Hey guys...snapped my clutch lever towards cable end...las time it happened Tarzan`s grip got me through...but just wondering how to take off by pullinh cable with vice grips to start it and the try to jump it into first...is it possible...btw...done a search..thanks fellas

  2. I wish you well. You'd be much better served by putting the bike in second gear and run-and-bumping it, then changing gear without the clutch once you got it going...
  3. what the horney one said.
  4. Yep...did that on Sat when it snapped...gotta go a fair way to get new lever and thought the prob might be at traffic lights with 40 cars behind me and i`d need to move quick...maybe just rev and change to 1st or 2nd that way??...i`m a newie at this :roll:
  5. I appreciate that, but if you learn this skill now it will set you in good stead for the rest of your life. It takes some practice, but if you blip the throttle at exactly the same time as you change down you can get into a lower gear without using the clutch.

    All that said, traffic lights are likely to be much more of a hazard; you can't bring a new clutch cable TO the bike, rather than take the bike to IT, can you ? :LOL:
  6. lol thnx hornet...hope the tarzan`s grip works
  7. i`ll practice tonite when i haven`t got an audience ;)
  8. I'm afraid you're just going to have to scoot up onto the tank a little, load up the front with some brake then get the rear spinning and keep it that way till the light changes.
  9. If your bike is light enough, I suggest almost what Hornet said. Knock it into neutral when you hit lights and get off. Leave it idling and when you need to take off push it to get moving and then jump on and drop it into first.

    Doing a bump start could get embarrassing if it doesn't start.

    Once moving you should be able to change gear without clutch.

    If the bike is too heavy to push along and then jump on board then get a friend to take you to the shop.
  10. Got the prob sorted temporarily...in my toolbox i found an old lawn mower blade remover (long piece of pipe) n hammered it on to what was left of the clutch lever...that should get me to the shop O:)
  11. lawnmower socket worked like a dream....now got new lever ;)...but the socket feels soooo good
  12. A bit late i know, but you can turn the engine off, knock it into first, then when the lights go green push the starter button and help by pushing with your legs, it will fire and take off in first if the engine is warm. It's not very sympathetic but when theres a queue of traffic behind you it works a treat, even up hills. Try it sometime....
  13. I feel for the poor starter motor.
    This practice should only be performed on company vehicles.
  14. This is going to put a strain on your starter motor etc. Personally I wouldn't do it if I could simply push start.

    I've done it in a car but then it's a lot harder to push start a car at a red light when you're on your own.
  15. or start in neutral, rev and drop into first, kick into neutral for stopping. not very friendly on first gear though.