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taking off the fuel tank

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jamie, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. I have just replaced my brake pads on my vtr250,I was able to do this with no trouble because some one on the fourm gave me a step by step guide,would any one know how to take of the fuel tank,I am aware there is couple of bolts but what about fuel running every ware and is it conected to the carby and so forth,I am doing this to get to the air cleaner,does it make a differnce,performance if you fit an after market one and where to get one.Also one day I might have to fit a new chain and sprocets,will fitting one with one lees tooth give me better performance.Cheers

  2. Just drain the fuel before you take the tank off... Or go for a long ride then drain the remainder of the fuel. Dont ask me how cause i don't know on those bikes...
  3. is the air box not accessible form under the seat?

    RE tank - take seat off - undo bolts - and it will slide backwards and come off - i beleive - having not done it on mine - but going on previous hondas and shit.

    turn fuel off - there will be some spilage but not much.
  4. Take off the seat and turn the fuel switch to off.

    There are two bolts at the front - 8mm, and one bolt at the back 12mm. undo the bolts and put them somewhere safe.

    The fuel switch mechanism has two rubber tubes - one is about the size of a straw- that is the fuel line. follow it down to a t-junction, ease back the clip and pull the line off the junction.

    The other tube is a vacuum tube from the front cyclinder. Ease back the cip and remove. Leave the clip on the tube.

    There is also a long tube which allows air into the tank, which does not have to be removed. note where it goes down towards the exhaust.

    Lift off the tank. Replacing the tank is the reverse, but make sure that you don't kink any of the hoses and the tank ventilation hose goes down the right way.
  5. And all of the above is easier with the tank empty.