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Taking my time getting a new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Chriss, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. So after reining in my excitement after getting my Ls, I've decided to slow down a little. I'm still eyeing the cbr500r, its dimensions feel natural when i sat on one but I've booked additional training with hart before i even test ride one or the 300r. which i think is sensible considering the jump and lack of experience even though i feel confident(i shouldn't).

    Also there's a bit of news around saying there is new 2016 revision coming out with dual led headlights and some better styling which looks more in line with the cbr300r special ed (way cool bro).

    Updated Honda CBR500R to Debut at the 2016 AIMExpo

    I'm set on the idea of a new bike as I've never owned a new vehicle of any sort and i plan on running it for a long long time. Eventually even using it to go through the advanced training in a couple of years so i can do a few track days and ride something else day to day.

    I'm curious what other people have done when buying their first bike? did you just go straight out after pre-learners and test ride/buy something etc?

    p.s on a side note I'm thinking the learner scheme should include the 2 days plus the road skills and confidence day course. i feel these should be completed to competency before being able to get a license.

  2. I brought a gpx250 1 hour after getting my licence in my hand. Be realistic mate, as soon as u get your full license your Lams bike will be up for sale. I recommend u go for capacity, like the 500 or a 650
  3. I had bought my ninja 250 before I even went for my learners course. Picked it up the day I got my learners. And base is right I spent 3 and a half years on the ninja, day I got my fulls I bought a 2015 r1.
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  4. Putting your LAMS up for grabs is pretty much what's going to happen once you're confident. I have a GS500 and guarantee it'll be traded in or private sale the day I get my unrestricted in 6 months.
  5. Hi I purchased a new Kawasaki 650L Versys with ABS the day I got my L plate with aim of keeping after I complete my P plate.This bike has been great with 11280kms and no problems. I am 6' or 182cm tall so found the taller seat and upright riding position great. I now have 2 weeks until I have full licence and guess what I have purchased a Honda CB1300.....because I love the look of it and I'm a V8 man from way back. Sadly the Versys is now for sale, but could'nt miss a great ride today down to the Hawkesbury and back, see below. I have used the 'Old Road' now more than 100 times as a great practice road....and the occasional coffee at PITS
  6. It certainly is a daunting thing to do, rocking up to bike shops and going for a test ride before you've really even started riding on the roads. But that's how most of us do it. Just take it easy and relax.

    The minute I got my LAMS license I jumped out and started looking hard for bikes, buying one the minute I could afford it.

    I get my full license in January at which point in time I'll be trying my hardest to upgrade as soon as possible again. There is a GSX-S1000 in my future....or maybe a Daytona 675? Who knows.....

    The thing with bikes is, 2nd hand ones can be bought and sold, if you're clever, at around the same price. Hence if you look hard and get good 2nd hand private sale deals, there is a fair chance you can be riding something different every year or two to no/little negative impact to your wallet. Buying new comes with that old depreciation chestnut....which is 100% true.