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Taking a Youngen to the Destruction Derby

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. So the Destruction Derby is on at Parramatta City Raceway tonight.

    I'm thinking about taking my 3 months short of being a 3 year old (Commonly known as a 2 year old) daughter.

    Just wondering if anyone have any experiences taking youngens to races and how they handle the noise. She'll have ear muffs on and she handled the fireworks just fine on New Years Eve. I guess worst case scenario is we just leave but I'm also worried about damaging her hearing.

  2. When my kids were little, one daughter absolutely loved the loud noise (with earplugs/muffs etc), the other daughter hated it (didn't mind the actual sprintcar event itself, but the noise was so loud it scared her, even with ear protection).

    If this is the first time you've taken her, I think it's going to be a case of suck it and see (but be prepared to leave if she's not coping).

    The only other thing you'd have to keep an eye on was that she doesn't object to wearing the earmuffs and keep trying to take them off constantly (maybe let her wear them at home before you leave its the first time she's worn them).

    Good luck! :)
  3. Careful, once a kid gets a wiff of methanol thats it......You'll be paying for years.....
  4. Thanks guys for all you help. I didn't end up taking her because the weather in Sydney was too much of a variable to take her out to an open event like that. Guess I'm going to have to wait for the fender benders :)