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Taking a proper sized dog on a motorcycle ... Sidecar?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jekyll, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Hi.

    At the risk of sounding like a moron, I'm wondering aloud if there's any way to take a labrador-sized dog on a motorcycle? I know some people up north ride around at 300 clicks with their cattle dog perched deftly on the tank, but my biatch is far too lanky and clumsy for that.

    The only two ideas I can think of are a sidecar, or a trailer. I've seen scooters getting about the city with advertising signage trailers - maybe something similar could be found or modified to carry a dog cage?

    Failing that I suppose I could procure a bike with a sidecar, which I understand are insane and violent death traps - but it'd be worth it to see my dog's ears flapping madly in the wind.

    Or perhaps I can find one of those large, injection-moulded plastic dog carriers and have something welded onto the rear subframe to support it ...

    The only alternative might be to buy a car, and I'd rather not if I can avoid it. Any ideas? I'd prefer an approach that doesn't involve extreme hazard to the dog ...
  2. yeah dont buy a car,those things are dangerous.
    have you thought about signing yer dog up for a stay upright course?that might help.
    no but seriously i believe that just like us,some dogs are kinda born to ride and some arent.the ones that are just know how to settle into the groove.find something to attach to the tank like a full leather tank bra perhaps,chuck her on the tank and go for a slow cruise up the street.you'll get an idea how she handles it.if she doesnt enjoy it,i personally wouldnt force it upon her.if she loves it then you will get a feel for her ability to perch safely on the tank.i hope it works out for ya.theres nothing cooler than a dog cruising on a bike.except for a hot chick of course.
  3. lol

    It's a labrador not a jack russell.

    Side cars are very cool. Handle oddly, but ridden within it's limits, not more of a death trap than your average bike.
  4. haha...yeah i spose i misjudged the size of the dog just a bit.then again yer sister doesnt mind riding on the tank. :bolt:
    a sidecar is at odds with most riders i would guess but if you plan on doing alot of riding with you dog then its plobably the option to consider.
    thanks K_K :facepalm:
  5. my boyfriend keeps insisting that one day he's going to buy a cruiser with a side car, so he can take our german shepherd & rhodesian ridgeback for a ride. he wants to get them goggles & a 'biggles' leather hat :shock:

    I told him he'll be single that day.
  6. I have a sidecar on my GSX1100G (although it's off the road in 'project' mode at the moment).

    I know from personal experience that many outfit owners bought sidecars not to carry people but animals... both dogs and cats sometimes.

    Alan Pennykid could be seen at various times with 2 dogs and 2 cats in his sidecar at bike rallies :)

    1 Labrador won't look odd to other sidecar users at all... oh, and be prepared for normal motorcyclists to look at you oddly or ignore you.
  7. :rofl:
  8. Sounds exciting! I've seen motorbikes with trailers on the back, just general use ones, I'm sure that would be possible and probably cheaper than a side car (?) although you can't take you're girlfriend in it....

    Sure it's US but meh, will rake through Google another time:

    just shows some options, or good examples if you wanted to do it custom.
  9. :LOL:
  10. A friend of mine did a tour across America, taking her Border Collie in a bike trailer towed by a Harley. Wasn't too hard to set up for the bike or the pooch, from what I heard.
  11. edit: sorry, double post.
  12. Probably a better option than a side-car as it upsets the handling of the bike much less and it's much easier to attach (attaching a sidecar is a major undertaking).
  13. There's a few people here with sidecar experience - John K and Chairman (of course). They could give you some pointers. Trailer is possibly easier but a sidecar is much cooler... :?
  14. Try a rope and some roller skates.
  15. http://www.bandicoots.com.au/default.aspx?Page=Product+range

    There seem to be a few Aussie MC trailer manufacturers. Looks like a decent mid-range one goes for about $2500 - that's more than I spent on my current bike, but could be pretty useful even without a dog ;)

    I have to agree with TonyE though - a trailer is more practical, but sidecar's way cooler - especially with WW2 style goggles and floppy ears snapping in the wind :)

    Something vintage with a slightly military feel would be awesome ...


    fcuk yeah :) Wonder if anyone imports them ...

    EDIT: Yes, they do - and they even have a bizarro cross between a motorbike and a ute (!) - http://www.ural.com.au/workhorse.html
  16. Yep, sidecars are cool.

  17. And with the combination of retro chariot charm and sickeningly cute puppy dog eyes, dizzyingly beautiful women will be hopping on the back whenever I stop at the lights!

    I better call some russians and get them to put one of those things in the post ...
  18. If it's that cool... why isn't she in it???? :?
  19. Mark (Chairman) could probably give you some advice - he imported his from India.


    from this crowd

  20. So she can give him a reach around to say thanks for the lift. :bolt: