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Taking a break from motorcycling for the winter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. not exactly by choice.
    did a little extra overtime last night, left at 5:30am. Just after 6, was zooming west-bound down the M4 in the pre-dawn darkness, rushing to get home to have a shower before my 8:30am class (hell, i always rush home anyway) when a shape emerged, a patrol car parked on the shoulder, wielding a radar gun. His head turned as I passed, and I know he saw my L plate. I start pulling over, no-where to run and I'm not getting away on a 125 and he catches up, tells me he clocked me doing 119 and returns to his car straight away to write a ticket. Hell.

    I'm trying really really hard not to think about all the negatives of what happened dismorning, my insurance premium hike (already too high) lost my perfect driving record, $590 fine and 4points, so I'll automatically lose my license once I get my P's, and the 3month suspension that comes with it.

    In my sleep deprived state trying to focus on all the positives, a few seconds earlier he might have pinged me going 20 or 30ks faster (I yoyo my throttle, a 2-stroke thing) so I would have been walking still far from home, I'll save $360 on 2-stroke race oil whilst suspended from riding and about $500 in scheduled servicing, I failed my Ps test a few weeks ago so I have the luxurious choice of choosing when I want to take the license suspension instead of losing it instantly (winter seems as good a time as any) and hell I might actually learn from this dumb mistake and slow down a bit in future

    i've heard I can write a letter to the director asking for leniancy, saying I need my license for work and study and would love one more chance, but I don't want to be too dependant on this possibility.

    The next Western ride might be my last until Spring
    Pray for Mojo

  2. That sucks.
    Getting pinged also at that hour... when ya least expect it I guess.
    It won't hurt to try the letter thing though I can't imagine it being too successful.

    119kmh wouldn't be so bad if you weren't on your Ls - esp where the speed limit is 110. I frequently travel @ that speed in 110 areas but only amongst other traffic doing the same thing. My (flawed) logic behind it is I have less chance of being singled out. By myself I am too afraid to chance it.

    Maybe next time you should just keep driving until morning and then lose him in Sydney traffic... ...hahaha, I joke...
  3. That sucks, I have to travel via the freeway at about 12:30am and I sometimes forget there is a speed limit, so easy with no other cars on the road. I live in fear of getting a speeding ticket :(
  4. Ha, bad luck man. I must give my bad luck to others, oh well i'll verse you in TT because you'll be getting your license back around the same time i do.
  5. it is too cold and windy and rainy to ride my bike anyway.
    it is too cold and windy and rainy to ride my bike anyway.
    it is too cold and windy and rainy to ride my bike anyway.
    it is too cold and windy and rainy to ride my bike anyway.
    it is too cold and windy and rainy to ride my bike anyway.
    (stand in mirror and repeat to self all winter)

    yair Cleverlie, I was thinking it would coincide with yours :)
    we'll do a countdown. what date do you get it back?

    but guys, I had the first 6600 kilometres of a new bike full of solid caning and speeding to still be grinning about :D
    they can have this one. i can't hold a grudge. i've lost count of how many late night traffic laws i've utterly sodomised on the little 125
  6. 25/07/07 you might get yours back in 3-4 months because you were doing 39km/h over, be happy you weren't on Double Dermits!

    Im the same with you after all the years of me getting away with the reckless/law breaking riding style i have it finally caught up with me and i wasn't pissed its like..well i owe you that one.
  7. real unlucky, but yeh i guess you'll have your license for spring and summer, so your not missing out on too much of the prime months for riding!

    hope things work out well! try the appeal i say :)
  8. Like you say, the only upside is that winter is the preferable time not to be riding.

    It will give you time to contemplate the moderated use of the throttle hand, however.
  9. Of course Global Warming and Climate Change means that winters will now be warmer and drier, so they're much better for riding. :grin:

    Oh, sorry about that Loki, that's not really what you want to hear is it?
  10. What was the speed limit on that road?
  11. sorry to hear loki but even more sorry for what i am about to tell you, yes you lose your license for 3 months for lose of points, but your also going to lose it for an additional monthfor doing in excess of 30km over thyour speed limit :( i found out the hard way to when i first got my p's for the cage
  12. I also suspect that you'll have to do your P's all over again too, well, you had to in my day.
    Forget the letter of leniency, suck it up and take the punisment, and think about it next time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. 110. ain't that a biatch
  14. fcuk it. i'm doing track days
  15. +1 monthly trackday
  16. i've been advised the letter doesn't work in case of 'extreme speeding'.
    'extreme speeder'. i think i like that. i'm going to put that on my business card...
    i'll definately think about it next time. i've really learnt a lot from this risky behaviour, and going to use it as a lesson to make sure i'm never fined again. read into that how you will
  17. Meh fines, just don't loose your license, its a real killer.
  18. in all seriousness you were doiing anything just about anyother rider wouldnt have been doing, and everyone is honest with themselves they would admitt to it, sitting on a freeway no traffic you are going to speed anyway, and theres not exactly anydanger it in, unless you happened to hit a kangaroo or something, fact is you were in the wrong place at the wrong time unfortunately you have restrictions, which makes the punishment harshr for yourself 39km over sounds worse then 9km over even thought its the same zone same speed
  19. amen, dude
    my people are tired of this fascist oppression, dammit
  20. I did something real dumb mid last year and got over a thousand in fines and was going to lose my licence. So i kept putting off paying the fines, ringing up again and again for an extension. Then i decided to write a letter to the superintendant of the cop shop who issued the fines basically saying yeah i fcuked up but it was a bit harsh for a young bloke considering i need my licence not to mention the hefty hike for future insurance etc just for making one stupid mistake. He then wrote back saying hed forwarded my thoughts to the state debt recovery office who in turn sent me a letter saying the infringements had been canned and i didnt need to take further action.

    So maybe try putting something in writing, cant hurt...

    I like your "ive had a good run attitude though" i can relate to that.