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Taking a bike for a test ride - but avoiding pushy sales?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dewy, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, planning on trying to sit my arse on a Hyosung GT650R (LAMS) to take for a ride and a GS500 (of some variant) if there is one tomorrow, one thing I am worried about is the "large tank" of the 650 that I have heard about, however my question I need help with is, while I do have the money to buy the bike tomorrow, it is a relatively large outlay and I am definitely not going to want to step off the bike and go sign a contract, what is the best way of getting out of the "off the bike into the office" scenario that all sales people seem to follow, but still be able to take the bike out on a descent test ride.

  2. Re: Taking a bike for a test ride - pushy sales?

    Sit on bike, ask for test ride.

    Take test ride, get back to showroom and say that you liked it and you'll let them know at the end of the month when you get paid.
  3. Re: Taking a bike for a test ride - pushy sales?

    When I not long ago was in the car market (and did end up buying the car) I found myself in 30 minute discussions with salesmen attempting to tell them there are other cars I want to look at. And if I told them before the test drive the said "go drive them first, if you don't like them come talk to me".
  4. Re: Taking a bike for a test ride - pushy sales?

    Just say you like the bike, but you only have $XX which will be 2k less than what they're asking. At this time of year (the next 2 weeks is a complete buyers market), you will either walk away without being bothered, or you will get a sweet deal.

    Unless of course they start offering finance etc.... you could argue that you don't qualify for finance due to previous circumstances.

    You know what, if they're good at their job, they will have a comeback for any excuse you can come up with. Just say thanks, and leave.
  5. Re: Taking a bike for a test ride - pushy sales?

    I've always gone with the "I'm in the market, like the bike, dunno if it's for me.... mind if I ride it? Totally OK if not, I know that you need to be careful about who rides your bikes and stuff"

    I've never been turned away from a test ride, and while I've only been to non CBD showrooms I've found that this attitude means they're not pushy after the ride. Just the usual "what did you think, do you think you might buy it" kinda thing.
  6. Re: Taking a bike for a test ride - pushy sales?

    Thanks for the help guys, and after selling my car today I can understand the buyers market thing only too well. Hell I might end up buying the bike :]
  7. Re: Taking a bike for a test ride - pushy sales?

    when I was looking for a bike I told them that I wanted to test ride the bike but I would not be actually purchasing one for a few weeks. the only place I had problems with was peter stevens, all the independant stores were happy to let me test ride and were not pushy at all as I had alreay told them I wouldnt be buying on the day.
  8. ^^^
    What he said. Just be up front about it. Just when you use a line like that expect a return call later on to see if you want to have another look.
  9. If you are seriously worried about being "bullied" into buying a bike, take your licence with you but leave your wallet at home.

    If it does come down to the nitty gritty and you are uncomfortable with the decision, no problem - you have to go home to get your deposit anyway.

    OR - "I love the bike but I need to bring my gf/fiance in to make sure she is comfortable on the back."

    It is a quiet market out there and its highly possible you will get a great deal, but don't be surprised if the salesman is pushing the sale.
  10. You sound like a learner rider, is this the case? You might have a hard time actually getting a test ride if so...
  11. i just took my fiance, who has a full licence. i told the saleman that she will be riding 3 bikes today (i picked the ones i want at various dealers). i will buy one of them, after she has ridden all three. they couldnt argue with that.

    she picked the best and i bought it.
  12. That's always the smart way to do it. Removes being lovestruck from the equation if you have an experienced rider assess the bikes for you. Not an option that everybody has, but still pretty sensible if you can get someone to help.

    Did you have a seat on the bike before you bought it though? Comfort is a way bigger factor than most people think.
  13. Importantly, give them a fake mobile number.
  14. I had a test ride with PS Triumph A'becckett street (spelling!??!?!) and it was a waste of fukn time. They took me down elizabeth street, flemmington road, city link, U-turn at pascoe vale road turn off and straight back. Every road was straight and the lead rider didn't even open it up at all. I had no feel for the bike what so ever, there was not one corner I could even attempt to throw it around.

    Thing is, they said they have a certain desinated route for insurance reasons which I beleive, said route included two of the 270 degree loops on the melbourne freeways which I thought would be fun (having done them a fair bit on my two fidy). They didn't even follow said designated route. WTF??!?!!

    I found the best test rides were on mates bikes. Ride where you want as hard as your confident with. Thank's to spazzy on here letting me ride his Daytona I was sold in 8 seconds after feeling the power delivery on an MR one night. Woot.

    That's Peter Stevens however, I've heard very good test rides from other dealerships.

    Maybe take a mate with you just as a confidence thing or something?? They don't have to say anything or do anything, just stand there and maybe ride with you?

    Have fun.
  15. i did my research, and sat on all three bikes before i sanctioned her services. Her last bike was a ZZR600, so she leans towards sporty bikes. cruisers were NOT her cup of tea, but the Eliminator was the one that she felt was easy to corner and control...for a cruiser.

    people tell me i will get sick of my 250 after a few months. i will tell you now...and let this be cast in stone.

    'I will not be selling my bike. I love it that much. I will be the last owner of it'
  16. Well since you've already bought it, this won't mean much. But I hope other people gain something from this.

    When I go in to test ride, I am honest with them straight up and I get the same in return.

    I will say "I'm looking to buy shortly, however, I do not want to be pushed into a sale and I don't want you being an exagerating bullsh!t artist. I want you to be up-front and in turn, if the bike is right for me you'll be getting my money."

    I also walk around the shop until I'm approached, if I don't like the guy I'm approached by, I'll go approach some of the other salesmen and pick the one I WANT.

    Works every time, and I'll soon have my new baby boy! :D
  17. My lack of breasts would see me bouncing on me bum out the door if I tried that on.
  18. dewy I think you should ask that to Grumply as he has taken out over 10 bikes on test rides over the past week.
  19. Be upfront when talking to the salesperson. Let them know that there are several bikes your considering and today your there to test ride just some or them. Always helps if you've done your research and can rattle off some other bikes but usually, you will have other bikes your considering buying also.
    They'll usually understand that your not interested in buying untill you've ridden all the bikes your considering buying so usually they are only too happy to get you onto a bike.

    I've found that the salesperson is more interested in your opinion of the bike after you've ridden it rather than trying to talk you into buying it right away. I guess if you say it was perfect, then the sales pitch is on to buy today, but if you have some issues about the bike you didn't like, then you've already got one foot out of the door.
  20. Damn. I was hoping to get a test ride on a new Daytona from PS Triumph in the near future. Pretty disappointing that you cant even get a decent feel for the bike you're attempting to test ride. Sort of takes the word 'test' out of it.