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Taking a bike apart, stripping it to the frame...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Smokae, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Hi there!

    I recently bought a GS500e here. I want to strip it down and get the frame powder coated black. How hard is it to strip a bike down? If I get the shop manual, should someone mechanically inclined be able to put it back together? I would thinking taking it apart would be 10+ hours of shop labor, so i figure I may as well save myself $880.

  2. Mate strip it yourself, not too hard if you have a manual to tell you where everything goes when you need to put it back together.

    I have a 200cc quad which I have stripped about 6 times now just so I can put it back together again, great fun, I don't have a manual for it but its easy.

  3. u only really need a manual for torque setting and other measurements when doing engine work.

    took me 2 working shifts 12-16 hours to strip a bike down (cbr 250 mc19)
    and re assemble for a frame swap.

    but i was doing other stuff aswell probaly could have goten it done faster,
    gs should be faster again as no water cooling and less fairings to play with.
  4. Sounds good ;) How much can I expect the engine to weigh? Is it going to be an oily mess?
  5. engine weight alot maybe 50-80 killows

    take everything you can of the bike except swingarm and forks. and no need to take everything apart if you can take stuff off together in bigger chunks thats better.

    what i would do is find a beam in the garage or somewhere and suspend the bike via the frame from the ceiling with tie down straps (as u can manuever them easily), use jacks if u dont have a beam.

    i reckoment u dont actauly move the engine. just support it with bricks or jacks and take the frame off then put the frame back on without moving the engine.

    This is how i do it most of the time as i need to do it bymyself most days.

    awaitz spelling natzies

    It shouldnt be an oily mess as long as it doesnt go side ways for too long even then,
  6. Thanks for the tips bro ;)

    Do you have any experience with this brand of manual?

    "Suzuki GS500 GS500E 1989-2002 Clymer Repair Manual"

    Would link it but posting rules prohibit a URL!
  7. Clean the thing before you start work. It will be time well spent. It will save you heaps of time later.
  8. Take some photos or written drawings if you need to.

    Keep it simple. Motorcycles are modular assemblies. The complete front end will come out in one piece. As will the rear suspension, swing-arm and wheel. Remove the engine first though.

    The less separated parts lying on the floor for 2 weeks the better.
  9. clymer manuals are haynes poor cosunins ive been told
    or was it the other way around. Either way you wont need it.

    Not like your guna take a bolt out of teh swingarm and decide to stick it into your headlights, its pretty simple just takes ages.

    try gs twin for an online manaul