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Taken Out

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by j3st3r, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. A few weeks ago I made a post about how after many trials and tribulations I'd finally achieved my dream of once again owning a motorcycle. I was ecstatic about returning to the ranks and immersing myself in the pleasures and experiences that only riders an understand.

    December 3rd at approximately 17:30 it was all stolen from me and my family were plunged into hell.

    On my way home from work on the Pacific Highway Sommersby a truck failed to give way as it turned right and t-boned me. My recall of events is slowly returning piece by piece but is strongest in respect to lying in the middle of the road suffering intense pain and having my clothing cut from me. It is here that I have to add to all previous recommendations - ATGATT! The common conclusion is that it saved my life and for the record; Rossi 814 boots, Draggin Jeans Camos, Dri-rider Rally X jacket and R-Jays Lost Souls helmet.

    End result is broken little finger of the left hand, compound fracture (exploded) right femur (thigh bone) and multiple compound fractures to the radius and ulna of the right arm. I now have a couple of bits of metal in the left hand, a $h!tload of metal in the right arm (mecano anyone?) and a fair collection in the right leg. Middle of January I'll be returning to hospital for a bone graft to repair the femur such is the extent of the damage. Upside of this is that the hospital stay should only be a couple of days as compared to the the just over two weeks that I recently suffered.

    Long term looks good in terms of healing and what not but it looks like I won't be allowed to drive for around six months and I'm tipping I wont be allowed to ride for close to twelve months. As for my bike, after being able to claim ownership of it for little over a week it is now written off.

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year
  2. bad luck mate, not good to hear, sue the bastard for everything and dont give up on motorcycling, get well soon
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your crash. I hope your recovery goes well. :)
  4. so sorry to hear...you can't let it get on top of you...you can't let it beat you...12 months from now we want to see j3st3r make a come back...better, faster, stronger than ever before...eye of the tiger man!...keep your spirits up, set short term goals , and go get em...18 months from now we expect you to have clawed back everything that was taken from you on December 3rd at approximately 17:30.
  5. Unlucky there jester.

    On the upside, it's only a 12 month break from riding and not a permanent one. Plus you have all that ecstasy to look forward to again once you hop back on.
  6. j3ster3r,

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, & to see you back, leaner & keener than ever before! :)

    I don't wish to sound smug, but always assume the worst about any situation that could postentially affect you when you're on your bike. No1 = survival.

    Rob :)
  7. Heal well and soon.
  8. :eek: :shock: ouch!!!

    Best of luck with the recovery (y)
  9. Finally back in the saddle and a bloody truck jumps you :|. Sounds like you've got a fair bit of mending to do but, as already stated, we're looking forward to seeing you again.
  10. OUCH!
    Sorry to hear it dude!
    Speedy recovery and all that, and dont give us the hell for the family talk!
    You are still there and will mend well!

    Hope you and yours can enjoy christmas, and have a happy new year!
  11. All the best for a quick recovery, you're one lucky guy!
  12. get well and very sorry to hear this happen to you. Hope the driver gets nailed for this.
    take care
  13. Bugger! That's rough but you're still here!!
    Lots of healing etc ahead for you but in a while you'll be back in the saddle again.
    Try not to drive yourself and everyone round you crazy..
  14. Oh this is terrible news Jester!
    I know how stoked you were to have your dream bike, what a cruel blow for you after all the head aches you went through to realise your dream.
    wishing u a fast recovery mate.

    Try and have a great xmas and look at what you still have as apposed to what you lost.
    Chin up .
  15. Chin chin dude.

    12 months of dreaming of the perfect bike!
    Heal fast-ride safe

  16. Really sorry to hear of what you are going through. I wish you a speedy recovery. Just goes to show that protective gear does do the job, something for us all to remember. Sorry about the bike, too.
  17. So sorry to hear mate. Just glad you are still with us.
    Hope you heal soon and get yourself back on 2 wheels
  18. A massive thank you to everyone for your wishes and messages of support, in that back handed way I hope that each and everyone of you never has the opportunity to understand how much they mean to me but please know that each one is a boost.
    Will I get back on a bike? Hell Yeah! Excluding the fact that my job entails riding a motorcycle I refuse to allow the actions of someone else to deny me of something that brings me great pleasure. I'll admit that there have been moments where I've had doubts but I know my love if two wheels will win out.

    I'm not too sure how it will work out but my wife has posted a few pics of me and my injuries on facebook, feel free to check them out and add me as a friend should you so desire (add in a message referring to NR).

    Cheers and once again many thanks
  19. Hey Jester, that's some terrible news. I'm glad you and your family will still be able to enjoy the holiday season, and that you will return to riding. Good luck and heal up soon. cheers
  20. F#$k that really sucks.
    Don’t stress about the bike, they can be replaced. Sounds like you took a pretty big hit there, good to hear the outlook is promising, and hope you heal up well.