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taken out by a small piece of timber

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Nov 30, 2007.


    was out doing errands for work today, as as i pulled up at a stop sign, i herd the horrible sound of something sliding over asphalt... and before i knew it i felt the front washed out from under me and i was thrown clear as the bike landed heavily on it side...

    picked my self and bike up.. look for what caused it.. i found a small piece
    of timber 30 x 50 x5mm GRRRR

    a few new scratches to the already existing ones. vtr's handle slow speed drop very well
  2. you need to take up dirt riding me thinks
  3. I heard about a bloke who lost the front on a slice of bread. Reckoned it must have been brown bread too, 'cos he woulda seen white!

    Bad luck tinkerbell!
  4. Had the same fun with a piece of cardboard on my old Across. Funny feeling the front slide along the road with barely any resistance. I didn't drop it though!
  5. Nearly lost it the other day doing round an unknown but not very tight corner and finding myself on a zebra crossing, saw it and backed off but the front let go anyway, just for an instant, then caught again.

    Look through the corner the say but dammit look at the ground right in front of your bike too! So much crap on city roads.
  6. I almost lost mine too at the lights... I was just slowing down to a red light and about 3m (was doing about 15kph). The front just locked up for no reason (I was really gently on the front brakes at the time too)... I came to a stop and saw I was on one of those clear plastic thiingy that you put the cd's in.... I couldnt even see it.... but luckily I was slow enough and stable enough that I fine with it.....
  7. +1

    Good road brakes + Dirt = Great reaction times on unpredictable surfaces.
  8. Ed, are you ok? If you need a hand to repair it, call first and bring it over.
  9. i almost lost it ......but then i found it so it was ok :grin:
  10. ahh, my missus reckons i lost it years ago...


  11. Re: take out by a small piece of timber

    Bout time you seriously thought about adding that third wheel mate [​IMG]

  12. Share your pain. Riding home from uni a few weeks ago, hit a piece of timber at 80 on the highway, turned around to pick it up, was about 200*500*100... just as well I didn't hit it dead on. Ouch. (And no, dirt bikes wouldn't have helped... :roll: )

  13. O RLY? :roll:
  14. well, i've read and seen picks of some guy who low sided due to a washer the size of about a 20c piece, of all things.
  15. G'day everyone,......

    Last time I saw someone taken out by a peice of wood was when it ended up around the back of his head!

    (Reminder to self: must remove splinters from palm of hand!)

    :shock: :cool: :LOL:

    Yeh,..those clear CD cases can be a concern when stopping at the lights.
    Had one under my wheel once,nasty stuff other peoples crap on the road.

    Dr Who?
  16. damn ed, sorry to hear about your off.....one more for the experience bag and one less for the luck bag :)
  17. Glad just another little drop - get them all out of your system before the next shiny bike comes along
  18. Aren't we supposed to watch out for obstacles/debris on the road and take evasive action?? Those whitle lines are pretty bad stuff too, can be a slippery as tram tracks.

    You gotta scan the whole road dude :cool:
  19. you cross things like this fairly fast, and if you were riding at all responsibly you wouldn't be on the ragged edge to the point where this should cause a problem.

    To the cd case people at the lights, whatever happened to releasing the bloody brake when the wheel locks? Roll over it and try again.

    As for the 'dirt bike wouldn't have helped' thing - perhaps the experience of standing on the pegs, opening the throttle and riding over the obstacle bit of the exercise past you by. What bike you are riding never matters - only the skill of the user. There are people after all who ride race replica bikes on wet mud roads!