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Taken out by a douche with a trolley

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by OU818, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Disclaimer: This is a humurous vent, not a near miss

    It seems that the dangers in having an interest in bikes extends to more than just the dangers of the road.

    I was standing in Woolworths this evening and had just picked up my copy of Just Bikes. As I was having to wait for my partner to finish her shopping before we made our way to the register I started flicking through the bikes for sale section. In less than a minute I was approached by the night manager Craig and asked if I had anything to buy. I informed him that I was buying this magazine but was merely waiting for my girlfriend to come back so we could pay for everything. This however did not please Craig. With a rather disdainful look I was told that I had to leave the store and read out the front or put the magazine back and leave anyway.

    Seems bikers can't get a break even if they are wearing a business suit and standing in a shopping centre :LOL:

  2. I would have replied Do you have anything better you should be doing.Then continued reading my magazine :grin:
  3. You'd have to feel sorry for all the employees that have to work for a prick like that.

    It's almost like some people don't want your business.
  4. Yeah I should have totally kicked his mirrors off.
  5. I'm sure we can all see where Craig was coming from. Lots of people pick up a magazine to read while their partner is buying stuff, then put it back in a slightly used condition.

    However, I agree with Joel that Craig was a douche bag.

    Next time, take out your phone and start a movie of Craig. Ask him to confirm who he is, and what he wants, then confirm that you will be buying the magazine. If he insists that you buy it immediately and leave the store, or put it back and leave the store, inform him that you don't like his attitude, and you will be considering taking all future business elsewhere, in addition to talking to his superiors. Talk firmly but not too loudly. Be reasonable. Make sure other people have noticed, and get them in the movie.

    He will either knock the phone out of your hand, in which case have him charged with assault and property damage, or he will walk away, and the problem is solved.

    Don't you love modern technology? Use it creatively! Unfortunately no-one has given me the shits like Craig since I've had a video capable phone, but I keep the idea in mind every time I think there may be a problem. :twisted:
  6. You could have said "this is my magazine. I brought it in with me."

    When Craigy Mc Douche replies "No you didn't i saw you pick it up," simply drop the "The customer is always right" bomb.

    "This is my magazine. I own it. It is mine. It is all i have ever since 'the incident'"

    See how cockyCraig is looking then...
  7. Ask him if it's ok to make 'use' of the p0rn before you leave.
  8. Isn't filming people without their permission illegal? moreso for the audio part than the visual...
  9. Technically, if you place yourself in the public arena, you place yourself in a position to be filmed/photographed.
    Very grey area, when it comes to law.
  10. In America there are more generic laws against it, but in Australia I believe there are only specific places where it is not allow, such as on some beaches, like Bondi. I think those are council by-laws as well, rather than state or federal laws. There are also some rules about gyms, pools, and so on. Most of those are to protect the kiddies from all those dirty old men taking pictures of them, even though they are actually pointing the camera at their own kids having a good time.

    There are laws against hidden audio surveillance, which I think may have been extended to video surveillance not so long ago.

    However, the bottom line is I do not believe holding a camera in someone's face and recording them is illegal in Australia at this time.
  11. Slightly OT, when police pull you ovr and do the 'just so you are aware, you are under video and audio surveillance' I'm always tempted to pull my phone out and do the same..
  12. You are allowed to do so.
  13. you can request a copy of the recordings they do too, freedom of into act.
  14. i would have headed down to the front section, seen what aisle craig was in, then grabbed the store mic and started by saying "can we get a price check on douchebag craig in aisle 4? price check on douchebags please. craig report to the front counter"
  15. He can tell you not to film him, when I worked in Woolies we would tell people not to take photos or videos in the store without management approval.