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Taken me awhile to say Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yob_job, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    i have used this fourm for a while but now im finally posting my hello :p

    Im Jason, live in Lane Cove
    I ride a Honda VT250C 2001 model.
    The only thing i have had to do is get the engine rebuilt :D that was fun!!! Bikebiz screwed me, so yeah, but the bike got the head gaskets done and is running like a dream.
    About 13 500 kms
    and it came with the exhaust

    You may off seen me riding around, still on my P's.

    Hope you enjoy, would love to hear feedback :)



  2. Welcome to NR Jason !
  3. so you purchased a bike with 13500 kms on the clock from bikebiz and had to re-build the engine???

    I only ask this as I will be taking the test for my L's in early/mid december and am still looking around for a bike to start with... Would you recommend avoiding this company?
  4. When i bought it, it had about 10,300 kms on the clock.

    Rode it from Parra to Lane Cove and the over heat light came on.
    So i looked in the radiator and there was no coolant in there, which i found wired, seeing as coolant should of been done before they service a bike and sell it.

    I then rode it checked the coolant regulary.
    It took about 2 and a half months and the light came on again on one of our night rides, we where going from Lane Cove down Yanko road to thornleigh maccas (takes about 25 mins in total) and the light went on again. I decided i was going to take it to Lloyd Penn and get himt o look at it.
    He took it for a ride checked it all out and one of the spark plugs kept comming back wet.
    Anyway to cut a logn story short, because it was over 5 years you dont get a 3 month warrenty (which when i questioned bikebiz about this before buying the bike, they mislead me with some infomation)
    I had the warrenty they offered but low and behold what does it not cover? Blown head gasket.
    So i asked Lloyd how much it would cost to fix and he said between $800-$1000 I told him to go ahead.
    I called back Bikebiz that afternoon after they had wiped there hands of it, and was told that it would cost around $1200 just for labor.

    When Lloyd did the head gasket he told me it looked liek it had been like this for sometime, which makes me think that they would of noticed the spark plugs at service, and a few other small things i noticed that made me take it to Lloyd.

    Was i disapointed with Bikebiz? Yes
    Would I buy anything from Bikebiz again? No
    Would i reccomened Bikiebiz after the way they wiped theere hands of it? No

    Everyone will have a diffrent experiance with them, but i know i felt ripped off, and to treat your customers liek that i personally think they dont show me loyalty so why would i show them any?

    So if i was you i would stay clear of them.
  5. Thank you for your honesty.
    By the sounds of it, they probably didn't even service it, just cleaned up the outside..

    I will steer clear.

  6. lol ill agree with you there.
    And if they did that to me whats going to stop them from doing the same to you?