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Taken from the luck, put into the expirience.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aerodynamic, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Going home from school today, decided to check out the surf...

    Alot of sand had blown into the carpark, like...ALOT and it had built up in one area.

    I got off and went for a walk around checking a couple surf spots then came back to my bike...just then a group of 6 or 7 surfy guys pulled up and were watching me as i took off.

    I decided to show off (mistake one) and take off fast...on sand (mistake 2)...the back wheel started spinning wildly and went out to the left, I tried to counter it with the front wheel and it started to slide aswell, I turned the front wheel to the left and the bike swung around, I was now sliding, and heading towards a parked car...(only going about 5-10km/h)..

    I jammed my right foot down on the ground, and pushed the bike back up straight and straightend the wheel...the bike rolled on....I was soo nervous i decided to stop about a minute later, went into a shop and bought a nice cold water, and sat and relaxed for 5 mins before i left again...

    SO basically...Taken from luck and added to expirience:

    - NEVER show off...
    - NEVER show off on sand.
    - be VERY cautious when there is sand on the road..

    Anyone have tips on how i could have got out of this better?

    inb4 l2ride noob.
  2. hrmm...

    you know how to do it, now go learn how to do it WELL.


    experience in these kinds of conditions is good, because it shows you what to avoid.
  3. Keep the power on, so the back wheel keeps spinning. Lay the bike over a la speedway style. Point the front in desired direction of travel.
  4. but the important thing...did you get any of the hot surfer guys numbers? :p
  5. Showing off is about just that: Showing off ur mad biker skillz. Get some, then show them off! :grin:
  6. if you wanna show off it appears (well from what i've seen lately) the way to do it is rev your bike and bouncing it off the limiter adds extra cool points ;)
  7. Thats a little more sensible than drifting in a carpark, with cars, on sand.
  8. buy a trail bike if you plan on doing that again
  9. You could go back to the car park and find a sandy bit and ride over it a few times. You have already learned that you bike will behave differently so get the feel of challenging (gently) yourself and build your confidence in differing road conditions - Try to relax your grip on the bars and go with the flow.

    http://www.flamesonmytank.co.za/offRoad.htm#bad patches
  10. in other words

    l2ride noob.
  11. I thought it was doing wheelies in port side carparks :p