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Take your stinking web site and shove it!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Audible, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. There I was flicking thru a issue of "scooter" magazine, when I saw a link to this so called web forum; "For a specific and dedicated scooter forum/section within broader discussion forums, log on to <netrider.net.au>

    Hmmm. Fair enough. Might as well check it out next time im on line.

    But what do I find?

    Sure, there is a dedicated "forum" for scooters here. But it isn't for discussion about scooters except for a bunch of arrogant motorcyle riders taking every opportunity to insult and put down scooter riders as much as possible.
    Even the sticky introduction thread which I take is an obvious joke from the mod's of this farm yard, that this is supposed to be a "serious" forum for scooter riders.
    No, it's a place for luckless scooter riders to dare post in and then be paid out on by arrogant motor cycle riders. Glad I lurked for 5 minutes before registering to see the truth.

    Already I know that the "new plastic scooters burn a lot better than a older 1968 lambretta", the words "hate scooter riders" is pretty much the default signature here and unless you ride something that can go mono thru a multi nova camera which your left middle finger extended, then it shouldn't be mentioned in this pathetic forum.

    As to why this scooter mag is relating to this dump, well it is obvious. The writers of scooter magazine obviously prefer to write Two wheels mag instead and have been lumbered with making "scooter" magazine by the been counters.

    So take your stinking web site and shove it. I just bought my second scooter after wearing out our 1996 Honda DIo 50cc.
    Im happy to pot around town saving petrol back and forth to work and enjoying the two wheel experience while my 4 wheels is left in the driveway.
    So all you arrogant motor cycle riders here, here is yet another thread for you to insult and put down scooters in.

    I won't give a shit because the mod's of this farm will no doubt ban me, because I dared stand up for being a scooter rider.
    Go ahead. I won't be back to this shit hole.

    I would be disgusted with this place even if I was a motor cycle rider. The attitude of the motor cycle riders posting here and the mod's who let them get away with it just proves what motor cycle riding is all about really isn't it?

    Getting your photo of your bike doing 243 km/h on the roe highway here in perth plastered across the front page of the news paper or winding your crutch rocket right out thru some tunnel late at night counting the multi nova flash's.

    No wonder motorcycle riders are disliked so much. They insult other two wheeler's on the road because they cannot go mono 50km/h over the speed limit thru a speed camera trap and blame car drivers for accidents because some car pulled out in front of them while they where doing 110 km/h in a school zone.

    I hope they stick front number plates on your stupid ninja 2000's. You'll all be off the road within a week because none of you know how to do the speed limit.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums :shock:
  3. im high
  4. Wow, looks like somebody either isn't getting any or getting too much. I thought we bagged everybody? Motorcycles in particular? I mean there's the crap going on about Acrosses, anybody owning a duck (Kwaka), the Hon-derr riders and the fizzers which seems to fall apart on every owner? Oh right!! No GSOH.

    Welcome to the forums :)
  5. hi Audible, welcome :D

    I dare say you'll need me, and a proctologist to read this post though........
  6. We bag all types of bikes . Looks like i might direct all mine to scooters now :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Dont ya hate trolls :roll:
  7. nice first post! .... nobody hates scooter riders here i wouldnt think ... they're just so easy to make fun of ... and they get fired up easily : :]

    oh.. and you look funny when you ride a scooter .... :)
  8. stop ya bitchin and join the end of the line, scooter riders got it better than Harley riders in this place.
  9. Taking deep breaths IN and OUT helps with that "issue" ... sometimes....
  10. Now you see what happens when you don't have enough ruffage in your diet... all that shit had to come out somewhere.
    :butt: :butt: :butt:
  11. Eh what can i say.. i do hate scooter riders. You poeople suck :p
  12. Is Voyager the only person from Perth that is a real human?

    All the others from that place seem........they seem.......ummm......yes, they all seem like suzu....suz....riders
  13. vic will be pleased :LOL:

  14. Nah, I like honest people, no need to ban you, I'm honoured to have the voice of all scooter riders posting here :shock:

    It is a shame that you wont be back to this shit hole, I like your honesty :)

    I bet you will though, I bet you continue to read this forum, I bet you end up a closet lurker ;)
  15. Audible? Loud and clear, over. 8)
  16. For a person who's survived this hard world to the age of 38, you show an astounding lack of social grace, audible. Bitter divorces, tough business environments, bad investments and personal tragedies can all wreak havoc with our souls, but most people learn and live and move on. What ever has happened to you to cause such bitterness and invective directed to a group of people whom you have never met must be grevious indeed, but it can be overcome with the right treatment and the right attitude, and I suggest you seek both immediately..

    Then again, you could just be a stupid troll, in which case all I can say is, YOU WERE A LOT BETTER WHEN YOU WERE IN-AUDIBLE!! :LOL:
  17. THat it wasnt dedicated to a bunch of chardonay sipping , peotry reading power suit , gay bar delving bunch of cretins that give motorcyclist a bad name.

    was I close ?

    show me a serious scooter rider , we probably have a few like sa scott , but if the rest are like melb scooter riders there is no seriousness taken with scooter riding .
    I bet you are one of these wipes i see on the road wearing suit , black shoes and a open face helmet it a clear sheild on the front?
    dont talk about seriousness when you people cant even take your own safety seriously .
    You wonder why there is a influx of major facial surgery of scooter riders , may be lack of riding skill , lack of consideration about own safety and maybe manners (try here and on the road Audible) .

    The posters here in the scooter section ( that ride scooters) are not just allowed to post in one section , they post and are active in all areas over the site , they get involved in general conversations and have a input (a valuble input ) in many broad areas.

    sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder?
    what did a big bad bikie on aFZR250 was mean to you at the lights ?

    well we know it wasnt you .......putt putt

    maybe there isnt many decent dedicated forums for scooters , at least the admin here have opened up a section for riders to start and build and at least get a common place for scooter riders to have input and mix and arrange rides together.
    last pink ribbon ride there were scooters on it , they were escorted by the marshalls and kept as part of the group and not segregated , treated like anyother rider .
    do you want special treatment is that it?

    this reflects just exactly what you are , you dont ride for the riding experiance or the enjoyment of riding , you are one of these tight arses who bought a scooter just to save on petrol.

    Across riders and my spelling errors get more of a canning on theis site than what scooter riders do and if you bothered to stick around and have some input insteading of crying and packing up your bat and ball and running home to mummmy like a pasty face bussiness man who get upset because he didnt get his was you would have seen that.

    yep thats what riding is all about pasty boy , you wouldnt have a clue , you are a bigger biggot that car drivers .
    The scooter forums here would be better off without a whinging dildo rider like yourself .

    just for your knowledge , you can wheelie a scooter dickhead!
  18. So...why does his status show as "currently banned"? :-k
  19. I was about to post a suggestion as to how Audible might more constructively support the development of Netrider's scooter discussion but, as his right of reply appears to have been removed, there doesn't seem much point.

    Never mind.

    "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all motorised two-wheeled conveyances are created equal.' "

    Dr Martin Scooter King, Lincoln Memorial, 28 August 1963
  20. I thought you all rode scoooters :p