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Take two speed triples and start cutting...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ljiljan, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I've had an idea that's been toying around in my head for the last 6 hours or so and it won't let me rest.

    I've been dreaming up a clubman build for a while (and if it ever happens is many years off) and the thought of taking two 1050 motors and cutting the up to build a 2.1L v6 hit me. Ideally it would be around 240-250 hp without further modifications.

    It got me to thinking what would be needed for it. A new crank certainly, but how much else? Possibly a new sump to go with the new crank. The triples already have a balance shaft for secondary vibrations, so in a 90 degree V they should sit quietly. Could probably push it into 60 degrees and remove the balance shafts altogether. A new gearbox, probably still a bike box; a heavier clutch and some sort of final drive mechanism is all I can really think of. Pistons, con rods, head, most of the blocks should all remain the sameish. My head always makes things sound simpler than they likely are.

    The fun part starts after though. A nice thick head gasket with a turbo on each bank pushing around 8psi thrown on for good measure should make 400hp a very real possibility...
  2. Adrenelin performance bikes had 2 Speed Triples that they were selling as project bikes last time I checked - I think the frames were write offs but the engines may be salvageable?
  3. After i get my tax return, I'll have a whole 1.5K in savings.
  4. want me to check if their gate is locked? ;-)
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  5. Why not run the engines in tandem like in those drag bikes? You can use standard parts, & you'll still need two turbos anyway...
  6. I did consider that possibility. Issues with it are the extra weight of two whole engines, still going to have to modify the case to remove the gearbox, and the main one is the size advantage a v6 design has. Plus its the boring man's way out. :p
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  7. 2 engined drag bikes are a thing of the 60's and early 70's , the engines are a pain to phase or they fight and loose power . Two engines tied together dont normally produce twice the power of one.

    There is a V8 based around 750 Yammy top ends Google Drysdale
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  8. You would make more power with less work, and be lighter by simply using a turboed 'Busa engine. Wouldn't sound as cool though :)
  9. Maybe not more power, but just as much probably. And yes, I've got another plan for a turbo'ed zx-14 plant. I don't think you would get anywhere near the same amount of power down the bottom of the rev range though - an extra 2 cylinders and 600cc would see to that.

    Gonna have to start finding all this money from somewhere...

  10. I did wonder about that, cheers.
  11. Tandem dual engined bikes don't work. Or rather, they don't work for more than a few 10 second passes. I've read write ups on quite a number of them over the years and every single one has had a coupling chain life of no more than a couple of hundred miles at best.

    The whole concept was developed in the 60s and 70s as a means of getting big capacities when the biggest engines commonly available outside the US were 750s. It's notable that as soon as big capacity I4s became affordable in large numbers, the twin engined bikes disappeared. The increasing availability, outside the US in the 80s, of big bore stroker Harley derivatives also had something to do with it.

    If you want a practical dual engined bike you more or less have to go down the path that Lilley's proposing, of sticking two top ends on a common crankcase to produce one monster engine. It should be possible, though, to gear two cranks together a la RD500LC, RG500, Squariel etc. and so avoid the need for a special bottom end at the expense of some bulk and weight.

    Or you could just whack a blower on a Rocket3 :twisted:.
  12. Probably the most successful double engined drag bike was Henk Vinks "Big Spender" a regular at the Euro Drags in the late 70's ,, Two Zed 9 s , he eventually in the early 80's went to a " Big Block Blown Kwak and fuelled on a diet of Nitro ( not nitrous) and was much faster .
    The double engined monster was barely quicker than my bosses Turbo Zed 900 on AV gas in a Kosman Frame of the same era. Both 8 second bikes in their day.
  13. I like PatB's idea, Lilley: a supercharged Rocket III motor would be awesome.

    Would that be a possibility for you?
  14. Possibly. I'd prob go with a turbo 4cyl before that.

    Though seriously, at the moment it's nothing more than concept and wishful thinking.
  15. Quite so. Double engined drag bikes (sorta) worked. Ask a double engine setup to work practically on the road and it will wilt fairly rapidly.