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Take the good with the bad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jenjams, May 11, 2006.

  1. Yesterday was a high.... Today is a Low.

    Yesterday I finally got rid of the L plate by completing the course and test at HART. Woo hoo!
    Today. I had to come to work at another location. It is on a hill and is gravel. I got into the yard ok. I went to do a U turn to put the bike in a safe spot and that damned gravel shot my foot out from under me and the bike went over on the RHS. Some nice scratches on my once shiny bike. The end of the brake lever also snapped off. Apart from that no other noticeable damage. The bike was running when it went over. There was a small fluid leak from somewhere.
    I have had the bike upright for around half an hour now and it wont start. Sounds like it is flooded.
    What should I do?
  2. S##t, been there unfortunately. Try going to prime on your fuel- don't know the mechanical facts but the zzr is always slow to start once it has been on its side - fuel feed issue of some sort. good luck
  3. Bummer 1st day on P's as well :?
    i'd turn the fuel off ( if you can )and let it sit for another 15mins or so, dont keep trying or you'll just flatten the battery.
    Then with the fuel still off ! open the throtle wide and try and start her and once she does start to fire up, stop turn the fuel back on then start as normal, well it should :p
  4. Gravel, the natural enemy of all sports bikes.

    I havent had much experence with carby bikes but if its light scratches, no engine casing hits you can always roll start you bike.
  5. I know exactly how you feel, my bike was knocked over on the day i got my P's too :(

    Congrats on the P's BTW
  6. Thanks for the congrats....
    I had had no trouble with anything before today. I was always bound to do something silly. I have gone 6 months without doing anything silly. All part of the learning curve.... and knocked a few hundred dollars off the resale value of the bike!
    And the bike started so lucky for that.

    Just a grazed knee and an awesome dent to my pride.
  7. Well done mate you're blooded.... Let's make it the last time eh?
  8. I hope so....

    Touch Wood!
  9. I was told if I was going to drop my bike it would be in the 1st 1000 kms - I didn't ..... but have managed to do some rather interesting things since ........ :roll:
  10. You could try turning it over with the engine switch off to clean the fuel out of the carbies then switch her on and start it like bob explained earlier

    Congrats on your P's and lets hope that little off will be your only one :wink:
  11. It could be that the floats and needles are upset inside the carbies. May be slightly out of place (happened to me once on a 1992 CBR600 when it had a carpark lie-down).
  12. Did anyone see it? I dropped mine in the middle of a very busy road on Ls and lots of people stopped to look..:))
    Hope it's the last one from now on..