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Take that you oblivious old fool!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Glekichi, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Are we allowed to tell cage vs cage stories here? Going to.

    Today I was pulling out of the centre where I had just done day one of my motorcycle learners course, at a normal intersection with traffic lights.... still in the Honda Civic. I was turning left, as was the police car in front of me.

    Coming from the other side of the intersection and making a right turn into the same two lane road as the police car and I, was an older woman in a generic grey sedan.

    Well, silly old duck gives way to the police car but then begins to turn at exactly the same time as me. Now if she had stayed in the right lane as required it would have been fine, as I was turning into the left lane, but... nooo... and I saw it from a mile away... she swung straight across into the left lane.

    A simultaneous jab of brake and horn allowed her to wake up after I had already avoided the collision for her.... But the real surprise was yet to follow.

    The cops must have been watching the whole thing unfold, because they slowed, waited for her to pass, then moved in behind her with flashing lights.

    It seemed the horn and near accident hadnt quite woken her yet though, as she did not seem to see the police car - you know - the one that was in front of her a few seconds ago - so half a km later they got the siren on too and she finally pulled over.

    I swear I havent seen such a moron on the roads for just about ever.... Havent even got my two-wheel Ls yet and I'm already attracting them!!

    It was just one of those moments where you think "If I was a traffic cop this is the kind of dangerous person I would be pulling over and giving tickets rather than the people doing a couple of km over the limit," except it actually happened for a change!!!
  2. one day, you will be an old fool too.
  3. You do see things work out the right way sometimes. Doesn't actually restore your faith in the system, but it does make you feel better for a while.

    I was in the Valley one night in the cab, people walking everywhere, traffic backed up, usual Friday night, and this drunk was wandering around on the road and harassing cars. No real danger, everybody's going real slow, but irritating. So he wanders in front of a fairly late model falcon while the light's red, they're about 5 or 6 cars from the front, and just stops there. Nothing happens for a few seconds, drunk looks around like "Wow! Look what they've done with that balcony, all the cast iron work still there." The light goes green, traffic starts to move off - the guy in the falcon gives a little toot.

    Drunk looks at him, like "What?"
    Guy in falcon lifts his hands, palms up, like "C'mon dude, don't be a dip-shit."
    Drunk give's a big exagerated shrug - arms up like "What! Arsehole?"
    Falcon guy gives another little toot, makes a sweeping gesture with his arm, like "Get out of the way ya fuggen moron!"
    Drunk steps right up to the bonnet and shouts "WHAT!!?" and slaps the bonnet with both hands - hard.
    The guy in the Falcon looks down and shakes his head, wipes his eyes.
    The drunk slams the bonnet again and shouts again and starts making like he's going to step up into the car, so the guy in the faclon quietly takes the magnet based blue revolving light out of the glove box and slops it on the roof before getting out of the car and arresting the drunk.
    You don't often see a cop get a round of applause from a hundred laughing people just for doing his job.
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  4. well props to the copper, that's good work. maybe she'll have a think about whether she should really be driving any more.
  5. Great stories guys :p

    I love how when the cops aren't harrassing us but someone else, we are all united in our enjoyment of seeing someone else ridiculed by the legal system.
  6. They aren't stories of harrasment, they are stories of coppers actually doing their job.

    What most people get pissed at is being pulled over for no apparent reason.
  7. I don't think it's just the elderly, mate. There's morons of all ages.

    On one of my many days commuting, long traffic cue single road, i see in my mirrors a flashing set of lights from an ambo few cars behind me. Also in my mirrors, i see a 25ish woman singing along to her cage radio directly behind me.

    I pull to the shoulder, as do many other cars, front and behind, to let the ambo through. The girl in the cage behind me? Must've thought she was Moses as all of a sudden ALL THE CARS ARE LETTING HER THROUGH like the red sea parting. So she proceeds to drive on, oblivious to the Ambulance behind her BLARING its sirens.

    The only way the ambo got past was it had to jump onto the oncoming lane and overtake. I couldn't help but LOL.
  8. you see dickheads every day dude. they just don't pay attention.
    i've said it once before on here but coz i like the sound of my fingers tapping on my keyboard i'll say it again
    i drive a truck for work. a hino 1024. for those non-trainspotters it's 9m long, 3.2m high and 2.8m wide. just slightly smaller than maximum legal size for a rigid truck (ie larger than a standard 1024)
    and it's bright friggin white
    and people STILL don't see it

    though sadly despite being on the road all bloody day i have no LOLZ regarding police

    though i was in the city a few months back waiting for a dentist appointment when some silly bi*ch WALKING couldn't hear the ambulance trying to get past her with a patient onboard
  9. ...Last week end I was driving the Mx5 on a 3 laner. Pull up at some lights... me in the middle lane and a suped up Cadillac stops in the right lane. lights change and we move off at a rate of knots. it's a 60 zone.. so I pull back.. Mr cadillac plants it... and I have to say that it sounded bloody good.. I watched as he roared off obviously pleased with his work!...

    Within seconds I see a white haze pass me on the left lane..Mr plod putting on a light show for Mr Cadillac... I did actually laugh out loud... as i thanked my lucky stars that I wasn't ( amazingly) in a competitive mood....8-[
  10. Youll be getting old and grey one day soon too sunshine... ;)
  11. I know I'll be getting old and grey - just hoping I don't end up oblivious and/or a woman!
  12. Stranger things have happened
  13. I don't fear the years adding up I've already clocked up damn near 60 of em, my fear is when I start acting them.