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Take Off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. I take off like im in a drag race everytime

  2. I gun it at the lights most of the time

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  3. Once in a while I take off fast

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  4. I'm happy to just sit back and take my time

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  1. When you accelerate from the lights how fast do you take off, do you gun it everytime or do you sit back grandma style and cruise along with the cages??

    I usually gun it up to or just above the speed limit and then cruise along at that knowing that i'm a fair distance ahead of most cars.

  2. Are you kidding?

    Wheeeeelie opportunity!

    Can't accelerate too fast on a wheelie or ya flip... But you still bugger off much quicker than the dopey drivers.

    I save my drag-race full-throttle clutchless upshift action for freeway on-ramps... :twisted:
  3. Most of the time, as long as I take off faster than cars I'm happy. If there are any likely threats behind me, I'm outta there.

    But being on an XV250, it doesn't mean much... most cars catch up and the rude ones even overtake.
  4. This is what I do most of the time as well.
    When I first started riding every set of lights was flat out, now mainly only on roads that are above 70km/h and 2 or more lanes do I take off flat out.
  5. I take it up to about 10krpm (13.5krpm redline) when I split to the front. When I can't split I just take off at cager speed.
  6. sometimes i give it what for off the line, love looking in the mirrors and seeing the cars way back. but then i really dont have to try to hard on the 12 to get away quickly.. :twisted:
  7. That can be fun, especially if it's a p-plater in a hotted up car that's actually trying to keep up :LOL:. Generally though I'll usually just take off at a pace that'll let me keep in front of traffic safely (usually only rev to around 7~8,000 before taking off). Of course if I'm behind another vehicle then my options are limited (can't lane split safely at roundabouts :wink:).
  8. on one wheel fo sho
  9. I like to take off pretty fast, mainly so all the drivers can see me and I can get away from them. :)
  10. Same here - I use power-to-weight ratio wherever possible - usually safer at the front of the 'line'.
  11. Yes i must admit that is pretty good.. :LOL:
  12. at the moment it's only some of the time, cause really, who are you gonna impress on a Cb250???

    but come 20 February 2007 - it will be blast off every time!!
  13. for me, it's normally a quick look left and right and then I'm outa there...
  14. I take off like a nut (on a 2-fiddy) most of the time. Only time i hold back is if a P-plater wants to drag me. Dragging is dangerous enough between two cars, let alone a bike vs a car driven by an inexperienced p-plater.
  15. same here i like to be in front all the time :grin: