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Take off in any gear??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by TWARBI, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Firstly let me apologise for would would seem to be a rhetorical question, but alas one that needs to be answered! (i did a keyword search too)

    Can i modify my gear box ('00r6) to allow me to start in ANY gear? It is a safety that i am used to with my old bike should a lapse in concentration occur...

    Thanks to any/all who can offer some advice!
  2. just modify the use of your clutch, and it is possible. not recommended, but possible
  3. And start buying shares in Barnett clutches, you will be needing them if you do too many 2nd+ gear starts, esp on a supersport.
  4. and, if you dont know what gear you are in, what are you doing on a supersports???
  5. Are you sure he's not talking about an ADR switch that stops the electric start from working unless it's in neutral?

    Is that right TWARBI?
  6. Yeah, that's how I read it, too, I just don't understand the "why" part.
  7. Maybe he just wants to pull the clutch in to start it with out clicking it into neutral.

    It is illegal and a defect for inspection at rego time (if they check it that is).

    The thing you can do is just connect the neutral switch to activeate, meaning it will make the neutral switch think its in neutral all the time.

    This im not sure of as I dont like to tamper with things electrical like this.
  8. Bollocks. I can start my bike in any gear I want, just as long as I have the side stand up and pull the clutch in, and it is a bone stock Aus-spec bike.
  9. Opps, my bad, I can to! Still illegal to remove any safety switchs though.
  10. Yeah look i apologise for any confusion here...

    My old bike allowed me to start in any gear should i stall it and have a hotted up gemini up my arse! Warranted it very rarely occurs but as i said, sometimes a lack of concentration may occur (like me thinking about that new receptionist at work)Instead of taking the extra 3-4secs it sometimes takes to get into nuetral, start it and select 1st, i want to be able to start it, give it a sh#tload of revs and take off regardsless of what gear i am in. Am i asking too much??!!

    That answers the why cookeetree...

    As for your comment joel;
    "and, if you dont know what gear you are in, what are you doing on a supersports???"
    Hell, shoot me down in a ball of flames for having the audacity to question what gear i am in... ohhh the shame :wink:

    I miss my old bike :(
  11. Legality: you'll be fine. My bike, which is ADR approved has no clutch switch, no side stand switch, and no gear sensor. The only thing it has (or should I say "had") is a 2nd spring which puts the sidestand up automatically once the weight of the bike is taken off it.

    The actual modification on the other hand..... Any decent hobby electrician should be able to work it out. You should be able to leave everything in place, just snip and join a couple of wires. I've done it on sidestand switches before no worries, and it's easily returnable to standard. Someone will have done it before.