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Take it easy if you're going along this road:

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 13, 2006.

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  2. shit that would not be a road i would like to go on
  3. The council should really do something to fix that road up.

    I think the recent "bike" magazine listed the world's most dangerous roads to ride on and one of them was Australia's Great ocean road.
  4. More pics:

  5. prayers?

    sounds like the same ritual i go through before i ride the bike.... :grin:
  6. dont think i would do it in a car but a truck that is dumb
  7. I bet you the posted speed limit is more than the Old Road in Sydney as well!
  8. That's mental Loz :LOL:

    Can you imagine being a local and learning to drive there? :shock:

  9. :twisted: I've been driven down that road... in a crappy old bus, packed full of people and various strange cargoes. It's a nasty piece of road, but so are a lot of the small roads through the Andes. A popular way for tourists to get down is to hire a mountain bike, and then roll down, dodging trucks and busses all the way. Sound like fun, anyone?? :cool:
  10. :roll: That is one mean mountain road I'll leave alone.
  11. Nah give me a nice dirt squirter and I'd go up or down no worries.....

    (Just not in the rainy season, or with traffic on the road, or when the dust/clouds are too bad!) :LOL:
  12. ... or on days ending in 'y'.
  13. i just recieved a email with a powerpoint slide show on it, with those pics and more... wanted to post it but not sure how to attach the powerpoint slide show (you know the pics from it)

    if anyone knows how, pm your email address and i will forward it on, and you can post it for all.... some of the pics are great/scary!!!!
  14. Closest I've been to anywhere like that is The Hill, in British Columbia:



    When first built, it looked like this:


    It's a bit better now, but there are plenty of horror stories to go with the wrecked cars you can see WAAAYYY down below the road.

    It's the only road in or out of the Bella Coola valley so they have to take B-doubles over it, even in winter-time. Single-lane in parts, overhanging rock faces, occasional avalanches and snow & ice. :shock: