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take chain off?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by emilmh, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. hi guys,

    Since getting my bike (gpx250) i havent been able to ride it due to problems with getting the rego transfered, so in the meantimes ive been trying to get some maintenance done. Now ive been meanin to clean the chain since it is full of crap, and ive read heaps of articles on cleaning chains but what i would like to know if its worthwhile taking it off to clean. If i do i wont be taking it off again, so its either now or never and thought since its in pretty dirty condition and i cant ride it anyway i may aswell do it now and get it really clean. But is it alot of hassle?
    any other gpx owners done this?

  2. The process for removing a chain (at least one with a rivet master link, clip links are not a big deal) goes something like:

    1) switch on angle grinder
    2) fcuk up at least one link of chain with angle grinder
    3) remove

    I'd advise you to clean your chain with kero and toothbrush, then lube whilst still ON the bike.
  3. I think that something like a gpx250 would have a clip style master link.

    If it does, it is very easy to remove and replace - and makes giving the chain a really good clean much easier.

    Check if your chain has a U shaped clip holing one of the links in place, and if so, just use a pair of pointy nosed pliers to slip it off, remove the link, and the chain will just fall off.

    When you replace it, a few dollars will get you a new master link, just to be on the safe side.
  4. i wouldn't bother, taking the chain off..... just clean with a tooth brush as mentioned above, and if you need to pull it off to clean, it probably needs replacing anyway.... but yes my zzr almost the as gpx and it had a clip style master link
  5. Kero is the shizz - you might go through a few rags (or toothbrushes) if it's really mucky. Wouldn't bother taking it off, as I don't think it's really necessary (what's your centre-stand for?). Just don't try and clean it with the engine running. :p
  6. I have a GPX and cant see any clip. How else can I take the chain off (without using a grinder).
    Also how do you put the chain back together and back on the bike. Do you have to take off all the covers on the left hand side of the bike??

  7. just under ever bolt, nut and screw you can see, and it will just fall apart on you :LOL:

    the chain won't come off the frame without pulling it apart.... either you punch one of the rivets or if your lucky it should have one link that that can be removed and thats how it's done......

    do a search for the gpx service manuel inpdf format, it's was listed here not too long ago. It explains how to do it with pictures