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Take care out there.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agttr, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. How good is this weather today? Just finished the night shift to head towards home and seeing the amount of bikes on the road even at 6-6.30 is fantastic.

    What was sad is seeing a few ambulances heading off in a number of directions. I came to the corner of Stud Rd and Ferntree Gully Rd, and waiting at the lights to turn right onto FG Rd, another ambulance and cop car are cleaning up an accident. I had no idea what vehicle(s) were involved but my heart sank when I noticed a cop wheeling a bike (black Honda. not sure on the model as traffic was moving) towards the servo there. Here's hoping the rider is ok.

    Coming from the East, heading towards town, with drivers blinded by the sun doesn't help.

    Take care out there people. Ride on.

  2. Loving the fresh air on the morning ride this week, its been great.
  3. its been pissing down rain here in Sydney all week
    Take your rainey weather back to Melbourne already!
    stop stealing our sunshine! :p
  4. loving the extra hours and great weather after work for a quick blat
  5. Ditto. Not loving the pollen though. Sneezing into a full faced helmet sucks.
  6. Syd has more rain than Melb but Melb has more class :LOL:
  7. Damn I have to turn at that intersection every day on my way to work and thought it was a bugger of a spot, hope the rider is ok. On a brighter note though the weather is really starting to swing in our favor now that i've said that we'll probably cop a week of rain :bolt:
  8. +1, i also hate pulling over to clean the mass of bugs suicide bombing my helmet visor
  9. And I have a week off, a new bike to ride, and great weather!.

    You fn beauty!

    Life is good
  10. Enjoy Peter.

    Magnificient riding to and from work each day at the moment, problem is the in between bit that is hard to handle.
  11. hahaha made my morning that comment :p So doesnt help u got just a plain black glossy helm. looks horrid all the squishy things that have accumulated on mine :S