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Take care out there riders!!! some vital advice.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ramjet, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Being new to riding (i've been riding for 2 years now) I'd like to share some vital advice for anyone riding a motorbike out there.

    I'll admit it, I probably thought I was a safe rider and coming off my bike would never happen, and wearing shorts and t-shirt was okay in hot weather. Well that was until last weekend when I had my first spill.



    Never underestimate the dangers of riding in the rain!! Especially when it just starts to rain which is when the road is at its most slippery. I recently came off in a corner whilst having my first ride in the rain (unexpectingly) and it was not fun at all.

    Make sure you slow down WELL BEFORE entering a corner in the wet. You cannot brake hard on a slippery surface, the bike will just slide on and on!

    Best advice - try to avoid wet weather riding.


    Be aware of what's ahead at ALL TIMES. Night Riding is dangerous because your vision of your surroundings is poor. Don't treat riding at night like you do riding in daylight. ITS A WHOLE DIFFERENT WORLD. SLOW DOWN, SCAN THE ROAD & USE HIGH BEAM WHERE POSSIBLE!!!

    Oh one more thing I want to mention again, don't take PROTECTIVE GEAR for granted, even if it does cost you a fortune! even if it's a 40 degree day wear something over your skin!

    You may look cool riding in a singo and boardies but if you do your STUPID because your totally exposed to the tar and believe me, oneday you WILL COME OFF! A leather jacket, gloves and draggin jeans is SAFE and SMART.

    Don't make the same mistake I did and wait for something bad to happen before you act!! I regret loosing skin and all this pain could of been avoided if I did the things mentioned above.

    Cheers. Safe riding everyone,
  2. The voice of bitter experience!!
  3. maybe someone should tell the guy who passed me doing about 100 in a 60, neither he or his pillion had much on, she had groceries over her left arm and then he ran a red light..
  4. Agree with most of what you say except this line.

    I am a firm beleiver in getting as much experience as you can in ALL types of conditions will make you a better rider.

    Even a fairweather rider will have to contend with unexpected weather at some stage, possibly even miles from home, might as well be prepared for it.
  5. Well you know there is a thing called a mesh jacket which can be as cool as a t shirt but with armour :grin:
  6. Yer id have to agree with that.

    Im yet to go for a ride in the wet and will be doing so if it ever rains again here! :LOL:

    I want to get as much experience as possible in all conditions, not just nice dry sunny days.

  7. Yeah i guess it is better to be prepared for wet weather with some prior experience riding in it. But it's also important not to become over-confident in it! Rain makes the surface quite unpredictable.

    People out there wanting to go try riding in the wet - TAKE CARE!!!
  8. Ditto :) as weather forecasts are never 100% accurate.
  9. I use my bike as my main transport, rain, shine, anything inbetween. I'm on my L's but riding in all conditions has really helped me come along and get more confident in my abilities. I never ride without my full kit on, even if it is in the high 30's. I've had a few brown trousers moments in the wet, first time was cornering and hitting a rather large wet stick which i should have seen... Second was stopping, too much rear brake + oil. managed to keep it in check though :) ... still be very careful in the rain!!
  10. i feel like going for a ride in the rain with no shirt and practise some corners, see if i can get my knee down. Anyone wanna come?
  11. No, best advice is practice riding in the rain often. Get good at it and the skills you develop might save your life. :)
  12. Bad weather can be your friend. Use it at quiet road times to practice, practice, practice. Get skilled, get confident, but don't get complacent.

    Ram-jet, hope you heal fully and quickly. Thanks for adding more weight to the voices of reason.

    And to all my fellow scooterists out there, listen up people! Coming off a scoot at 50 kph is the same as coming off a bike at 50 kph. If you think you can predict the future and avoid an incident, please PM me next weeks lotto numbers.

  13. practice makes perfect
  14. yeah get out in the rain and practice, one year of riding in ebery weather condition has made me a better rider. protective gear yep you should wear it but it is YOUR decision to make, just don't whinge if you lose a shedload of skin. Oh and if you squid I wont think any less of you unless you are that bloody learner in dandenong last night in thongs and NO gloves, thats just plain stupid. :roll:

    Wear gloves if nothing else, imagine not being able to wipe your arse!
  15. Ramjet... to add impact (no pun intended) to your message... post up the injury pix.

    Welcome to the learning curve...you never stop learning.

    There's some fair advice in the OP (voice of bitter experience indeed). I'd also fully recommend getting along to one or many riding skills courses...
  16. Riding in the rain should be no more unsafe than in the dry. It will be slower and less fun, but if done properly, just as safe.
    Maybe you should have said always make sure your tyres are decent before riding in the rain........
    I actually enjoy riding in the rain.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. thanks for sharing.

    atgatt for me!

    i always smirk when somebody asks me if i'm hot in all that gear.
  18. pfft, of course i look hot in all that gear :wink:
  19. and with without the gear... even hotter.... :cool:
  20. Thats awesome!!! Great role models for Learner riders.....

    I had the shorts and t shirt attitude until I saw an email with what can happen, and the thought that the road is indeed a very hard surface...like a cheese grater but made of stone and concrete....

    Now I have the attitude of i'd rather sweat than bleed.... Full gear, draggins when commuting but thats going to change when I can replace my damaged Ixons (exhaust heat damage)...