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Take care on the roads.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fixed, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. It's going to be messy outside, take care and give yourself extra time to get to work. Not a good day to be lane splitting.

  2. thanks mate,the weather is unbelieveable.
    i work @ melbourne airport on the tarmat,and its hectic out here with the rain and wind.
  3. The drive into work was absolutely wild this morning. I lost count on the number of trees that were down and fell over roads or fences! I even saw a yacht beached on the sand in South Melbourne and the pier at kerford Road on Beach Road was in disarray.

    Had to drive through rivers in Clarendon Street at Southbank! But I was only 30 mnutes late. :)
  4. I couldn't get in this morning, chose to take the cage (call me soft if you wish), may have had a chance on the bike. I was in the car for over an hour and couldn't get out of Werribee. May try again a bit later. I believe the freeway was closed in both directions at Hoppers Xing
  5. Lucky bastard! :p .

    I took the bike and I was still late; never seen traffic as bad as it was on the ride in this morning. How the hell people can handle sitting in traffic for two hours just to travel a few kays is beyond me. Still, better them than me.
  6. bwahahahahahhaahaaa no change in my routine :twisted: ride a pushy and you get a lane to yourself and you get to laff at the poor suckers banked up for a couple of kays before an intersection as you go past :LOL: mind you, pushing the pedals isn't easy :?

    bloody leeches :wink:
  7. I had two attempts at driving in, but the roads round the airport are still too flooded to get through.

    I'm stayin home today.
  8. Also joining you from not so sunny Werribee, trapped like rats down here. Up side, was sick yesterday and cant get to work today! :D
  9. The yarra sure looks pretty scary at the moment. It is up to the promenade. :shock: Also they evacuated Promenade Hotel as the basement is flooded and they have the fireys pumping out the water.
  10. I made it from the SE to northern suburbs without too many issues this morning - only 10 minutes longer than usual. There were the trees, minor floods, etc., but the worst part about it were the failed traffic lights at MAJOR intersections without anybody directing traffic (e.g. doncaster road & tram road - by westfield shopping centre).
  11. Well getting to work was certainly an adventure for me today.

    There was a large tree blocking the end of my street and then another blocking Alexandra Ave.

    Road where traffic was diverted was too narrow to lane split did the only other reasonable thing and used the footpath.

    Decided to take Toorak Road instead of getting onto the freeway. Road was littered with Mercedes and Toorak tractor drivers who are obviously neither conciously or unconsciously aware of motorcycle riders! :evil:
  12. Riding home last night was totally freakish. Major gusts needing a 30 degree lean to go straight and then hit the tunnels, wind dies off, veer a metre before correcting. What a ride! This morning up the Monash was a doddle compared to last night! Stay safe all.
  13. Rode to Hoppers Crossing last night...from Cann River. Was interesting I must say :D
  14. I got to work late, but no real dramas.

    Although dropping my son off at his primary school was interesting. We drove (yes, I took the car!) up the usual sidestreet near his school and saw a wheely-bin standing in the middle of the road. The right side of the road was partly blocked by part of a fallen tree. As we got closer I saw a power line had fallen across the road and someone had put the bin there to stop people driving over it.

    No-one around, no emergency services, nothing. Probably incident #2000 logged with the power companies and SES!
  15. Took me 2 hours to get to work this morning. It was a carpark everywhere!!!

    :D :D
  16. Unfortunately there will be a lot of delay in response today. Quick tip - if you are reporting property damage or a tree down and it involves a power line DONT call the SES. We arent allowed to deal with power lines so call the power company themselves (they are required to provide 24 hour response) If there is further need for our help then we can respond once the line has been safed.

    Every major storm we waste a lot of time responding to calls only to find a power line involved and the job becomes a wave off.
  17. Thanks Splash.

    With the powerline I saw, I guess the power company may have disconnected power to the immediate area while it dealt with more urgent problems elsewhere. If the line was still live, it was pretty damn dangerous (it was running across the footpaths, and lots of kids walk down that road to get to school). Fingers crossed.
  18. Would be a real problem if power was still to the line. Isn't 7 metres the safe distance from a fallen power line (more if the ground is wet) otherwise you can still be electrocuted?