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Take 5 minutes out of your day to ENJOY

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ResmeN, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. People are awesome

  2. oh man that was amazing
  3. People are awesome, but the point isn't to be able to dive into a 20cm deep pool from 50m up, or jump from a 30m tower onto grass. It is to be able to do that, and still get up, walk around, and talk to people afterward, not to mention do it without injury.

    Some of those punters didn't manage that.
  4. that moonwalker was awesome.
  5. Thanks for sharing, these are bad ass!
  6. Yep. At 4.07 with the moonwalker I lol'd
  7. Thank you very much. 5 mins I will NOT ask back, they were well spent:angel:
  8. I want to learn how to do that stairs thing!
  9. haha me too.

    Thanks for sharing ResmeN. Definitely awesome

    PS, The running on water is fake. no ifs or buts. Its from a viral ad called 'Liquid Mountaineering'. The company responsible is Hi-Tec. Still cool though ;)
  10. That is awesome, though it doesnt show the 100:1 ratio of those stunts going wrong :D
  11. I second that, saw it on youtube a while ago and heard it was fake and they were stiring people up
  12. You're welcome guys. My favorite was also the moonwalker & stair thing.

    I saw a doco on tv about the running on the water guys, they did do it a bit but not to the extent of the vid.
  13. ...see how times have changed??.... it used to be walk on water... now it's run!!.... 8-[

    ..pretty cool stuff tho!... :D