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"take 2, add 20"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bernieL0max, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Personally, I would like to see a push for some reform... motorcycles allowed to add 20km/h to the signposted limit on highways and freeways (100/110 zones).

    The law should be implemented in such a way that if a rider was caught exceeding this encreased limit the usual fine would apply; ie. if you are caught doing 125km/h in a 100 zone you will be fined for 25km/h over the signposted limit, and exceed 130km/h you will be subject to instant loss of lisence etc.

    Our vehicles are smaller, more nimble, have shorter stopping distances through less mass, and are designed to handle at very high speeds. In addition riders have considerably better visibility through a wider field of view and higher perspective. Riders are generally more adept at recognising potential road hazards through compulsory training, experience and necessity.

    A considerable threat to any rider on any road is vehicles approaching or following behind, these drivers cannot see hazards from our perspective and these vehicles cannot stop as quickly; creating a genuine threat of being rear-ended.

    What I'm looking for is open discussion and other possible arguments for/against; clearly worded so that I might collect them to piece together some information.

  2. That law is already in place. Lose your licence at 126km/h. Do 115 in a 110 zone and you are doing 15km/h over the limit.

    I see your point but how do you stop people in sprts cars that are designed to travel at higher speeds from being included in your list?

    The Public already has an "us V's them" mentality, why exasperate it?
  3. and the lotus, ferrari et al owners should still stick to the posted speeds?

    Your 'argument' only considers what is good for you (riders) and not all other road users.
  4. ppsstttt, you forgot to mention those sexy Saab drivers :)
  5. Is that true? Bikes accelerate quicker to be sure but I think that cars may outbreak a bike. The bigger mass giving more downward pressure on more rubber on the road.

    Yes...no ??

  6. actually I think they'd see it as we go squish easier so we should be going slower so there isn't as much "danger" when we crash
  7. cars with ABS breaking these day do generally out brake most bikes , so that theory is out the window. :shock:
  8. I dont want to open up a can of worm again.
    But if we could go faster & ime not saying thats a good thing in the city. Our goverments wouldnt get as much revenue, now would they. It's like speed cameras on Freeways. How does that save lifes. Another thing, I dont think they tell us how much they really make out of it. The Police Chief's, law makers, are in it as well. Now where some guys speed & the speed they do, they deserve to get booked, Like the Western H/way story.
    As for the TOG in general ( Highway Patrol) , well I think more often than not, they give us a fare go. Woda you recon
  9. I think you mean "exacerbate" :cool:

    Normally, the grammar Nazi would let it slide, but being an Administrator and all I just couldn't resist :LOL: Hope that doesn't get me one of those "warnings" next to my nic :p
  10. Less mass,but also far less rubber on the road, and fewer wheels to apply braking force.

    A car should outbreak a bike in most situations.

    Nice attempt at reasoning though. :wink:
  11. Nah dood, it's all good, a dozen bottles of smirnoff vodka double black in the culprit. It's SUNDAY and I'm awake at 6am, I hate my body clock!!!!!!
  12. I can tell you for sure that my '03 SS Commodore with $400 rubber on each wheel and ABS stops just as quick if not quicker and with less skill required than my CBR600. It is impossible to screw up a maximum braking manoeuvre in my car. Easy to screw it up on the bike.
  13. I saw the 'exasperate' too, Vic, but I let it go by......
  14. Just as well, you would have paid a heavy price I can assure you :p
  15. looks like I was wrong on the braking call... it must just be that i see hazards sooner, or react quicker - always seem to pull up quicker than the cars around me in real life situations...
  16. Personally, I would like to see a push for some reform... motorcycles allowed to add 20km/h to the signposted limit on highways and freeways (100/110 zones).

    I usually do but make sure no one is watching. :LOL: I really love the suggested signs, always add about 20-30 for them. :LOL:

    No, I think that idea is doomed. How would you decide which rider could and which couldn't? There are some that should not be allowed on the road at all, never mind going faster. :wink:
  17. Thay can't/won't police the laws that exist at the moment, what chance do any new laws have?