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Takamii's Model

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stokedpaz, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Tak, what ever happened to the Motolegion model that you were considering?
    Did you do any promo stuff?
    Will she be featured in Rhok gear?
    Will we ever see her face?
    Will you ever edit the man hands? Was that just a funny angle?

  2. She opted out - so looking for a new one

    no man hands just a weird angle
  3. There you have it ladies. Tak is on the lookout for a new model.
    You could be the face of Rhok...
    Pictorial applications should be sumitted... Here is good yeah?
  4. yeah - good move :)
  5. I know a ex Ralph girl and formula 1 pits chick ? Of which the following question applies - does she get paid ? (family friend - she doesnt do it much anymore if at all but I can ask)
  6. as an entrepreneur I am seeking undiscovered talent that is local to me but I thank you for your offer
  7. Does she have to have scratches down her right hand side??? :rofl:

    {sorry mate, couldn't resist it}
  8. Thats okay I found that funny actually
  9. Can they wear fishnet? I might now someone :)..........
  10. okay kevlar fishnets ?

    you better not be thinking of suggesting nitekreeper :(
  11. Excellent initiative you're showing there Stoked.

    Could be some free merch on it's way to you as we speak.

  12. :p

    Bruce Willis hair style, Blue Steel pose, already a product tester, tireless campaigner, popular with the ladies and the Kings Cross guys alike, and like a superstar...............lol
  13. Pffft, you lot couldn't afford me...
  14. In the words of the famous Linda Evangelista.............

    "We don't wake up for less than $10000 a day"
  15. 8-[ 8-[

    Phew! There's something about sideball that just weirds me out a little.... :p :rofl:
  16. Side boob on the other hand....