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Takamii RHOK Gloves, very happy guy.

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by VTRAffair, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. So, Yesterday, I won a competition Takamii was running, for a pair of his new RHOK Gloves.

    They arrived the next day. That's bloody fast, I'm in Adelaide, and the boat normally only comes once a month when the ice is thin enough, but Takamii's pigeons braved the chilly weather to get them to my door. Bloody legends.


    So I eagerly tore it open (the bag, not the pigeon) and was greeted with a nice little carry bag with a pair of schmexy gloves and a few stickers for my bike. I love stickers, they cover scratches better than more scratches :)


    So I put them on and went about my day. One thing that I liked straight away, was that they were soft. Not thin, just soft. They dont feel like they need to be broken in or stretched or played with to get right, they were just right. The sizing was perfect from the measurement that I was asked for, and the gauntlet has the right amount of space to get over the sleeve on my jacket. I especially liked the little folds that cover the buckle and strap once it is done up. A nice touch.


    The other bit I really liked was the join between your pinky and ring finger so that if you are going to get messy with them on, there is less risk of destroying that finger that likes to hang out by itself when you drink tea, or even milo.


    The gloves are really tactile, I was able to feel in them, where with some others there has been so much going on inside, or the fit so wrong that you quickly lose feeling and the ability to do up helmet straps, or anything else that requires a bit of delicacy. Not so with the RHOK gloves. I was easily able to carry out even the most delicate of tasks with the utmost confidence.


    Some gloves I have used in the past, are comfy when your hand is neutral, but do not conform well to the shape of a hand that is trying to grip or manipulate. They get tight, and make holding onto handle bars and other objects for a prolonged amount of time uncomfortable. I found with the RHOK gloves, the amount of effort required to maintain a grip was minimal, I was not having to fight the material, and at the same time when the hand was neutral, the glove and fit does not feel baggy.


    The gloves also met very well with the most fundamental of motorcycling tasks, such as the operations on the switch block, turning the key, finding the choke, and perform more than adequately as a suitable device for signalling your intentions.


    All in all, I'm chuffed with the gloves. I would happily pay the asking price, and the fact that these were free is just a hugely appreciated bonus on top.

    Try a pair on, I'm pretty sure that would be enough to convince most people.
    Takamii's correspondence was fast and convenient, the delivery was greased lightning, and the product fantastic. Give him a go.

    Thanks again Takamii! Thumbs up.


    Heaps of pictures of the other colors here.
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  2. They do look awesome! Nice pics, BTW! :D
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    Congratulations mate. Where might one be able to browse and see what Takamii has on offer. Link to eBay perhaps?
  4. black n white ones look schmick !!
  5. best picture review ever! lol

    How were they while wiping your ass then? ;)
  6. If they are so soft, why did you need toilet paper?:bolt:
  7. They are indeed a nice set of gloves. I have the black and white one...they fit well and as said before, they feel rather soft but not thin/cheap soft.

    The only thing I think needs a bit of an improvement would be ventilation. I found riding in the hot weather yesterday the top of your hand just before the knuckles don't get any air flow and you get a sweaty back hand.
  8. great review
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    It's all on these forums
  10. now this is an entertaining combination of pictures and text

    for some reason it reminds me of the smack my biatch up video by prodigy

  11. check the knuckle protector vents to make sure that in their molding the holes ( at the front facing forwards) are open fully and there is no trace of plastic slag in there
  12. Thanks Takamii...I've had a look and it seems clear. To be honest, it is rather hot down here at the moment. It is inevitable not to sweat at this point in time with full bike gear, even with ventilation. Between the fingers get awesome air flow :D. Overall, definite improvement on my previous gloves.
  13. Hi all,

    Just to add a bit more info, sent Tak a PM on Friday to see if he had any medium red and black left, got a reply in less than 5 minutes from him.

    Went ahead and placed the order on Friday and got them yesterday, not sure who he is sleeping with at Aust Post but is working......

    Quite possibly the best online service i have ever got in terms of ease and speed of delivery.

    Have only had a quick look so far but would have to agree with all the other positive comments about them so will not drag you all through that again.

    Once again thanks Tak excellent product, excellent service and excellent delivery process.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  14. So here I am just finished another huge ride and my gloves are showing their first signs I may need a new pair.

    I bought these from tak in 2009.

    Three years later and some 100,000 km including a full lap of Australia, Tasmania and a trip through the French alps.

    Amazing value only just now is a stitch coming apart.

    Can I please buy another pair ?
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  15. nice pics - my ms's says we all have too much time on our hands.
  16. What part of Adelaide do live in where you only get pigeon mail and its hot, Coober Pedy ?
  17. I have a set of them. Just with an A* logo on!

    Very similar elements to the GP Pro gloves.
  18. Ditto, I've got a pair of the A*'s as well.

    Remarkably similar! It's like they came out of the same factory or something!
  19. Yes thats because they are a copy of an Astars pattern.