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Takamii Photochromatic Visor

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Takamii, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. FOR SALE, 1 clear scratched visor :D
  2. (About the pink line) "...it's got to do with the camera and all that sort of crap, see ?"...love it :D
    Nice photochromic visor mate and good vid (y)
  3. Good job, took 10-15 seconds to fully darken.
  4. Very nice. I'd definitely be interested...keep us posted!
  5. I have a 85 % certainty feeling I can make it AS1609 certified -so FULLY road legal
  6. what makes u think the 15% wont get it?

  7. definitions of words using not english but the language of the overpaid - that being legaleeze

    There are actually two standards applicable to this visor

    AS1609 and AS1067 although its certified under AS1609

    there are contradictions between the two which is the 15 % issue
  8. Is the transition time a big deal? Would it be a real hazard if you went from out in the sun into a tunnel?
  9. no different to sunglasses really

    the benefit is --- no need for a different visor for night time - so in case you get caught out at night this baby goes clear - if ittakes 20 seconds to go from dark to clear no big deal really

    I would rather that than carry a second visor
  10. It is something I looked at before and couldn't find anything worthwhile. Keep us posted
  11. Takamii, Takamii, Takamii ...man, I'm getting used to this now dude...That new avatar of urs is definitely helping the cause.... WOWZERS !!!!
  12. I don't know if the dark is as dark visor. It's more a smoke colour than a dark visor like I use now. I can't ride in the daylight without a dark visor or sunglasses due to sensitive eyes, so I prefer something fairly dark.

    Would be great if it can go clear quicker for tunnel access.
  13. The reason why I'm still in this thread doesn't have anything to do with the topic...more with the top
  14. Any chance for it to be more darker?
  15. no not legally as it must transmit 50 % of light as a minimum
  16. to bright, to dark, not bright enough, to slow....Takamii, Can you make the visor fit itself to the helmet so i dont get fingerprints on it ?? ](*,)
  17. LOL - i know what you mean Whitie
  18. everybody dreams of a perfect world where they should be allowed to say the things they look at when considering a product and not getting bagged for it.
  19. Personally I think that is brilliant, and finally we are getting some technology into this area. Can't wait for this to be finished. Good stuff!