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Takamii Lycan Carbon Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by BlueyZZR, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. So ive been getting around in one of these for the last week and ive been very happy with it. Complete review from me below, :)

    Fit and Finish is excellent on the Lycan. All flush edges and smooth plastics. No rough spots, loose plastics or fraying materials. Chin curtain and fog guard fit seamlessly and easily into their respective positions. The carbon looks fantastic with a perfect weave and the join up the centre immaculate. The visor seals very well and holds its position when cracked open. The design quality on this model was very good and sat cleanly over the helmet. Excellent.

    Comfort. The weight of the helmet, or rather, the lack of weight is immediately apparent when picking up the helmet. When you put it on it slips easily on no ear scratching or forehead squeezing. It has a rounder feel to me, similar to Rjays or HJC. Dont think Shark type heads will fit too well but give it a crack as the cheek pads and liner can be changed. I can fit a pair of sunglasses on under the visor quite comfortably. The pads are soft and snug but not squeezing or smothering. After wearing for a decent ride I had no sore spots or pressure points which was a nice. Very good.

    Ventilation. With 4 vents up front and a large single one across the back the helmet is well ventilated. They are easy to operate on the go with gloves hands finding the slides easily. Opening the fronts removes any breath fog you may accumulate. It hasn’t been hot enough to work up a sweat (yet!) but I feel cool enough in the morning to warrant closing them up which to me means it vents pretty well.

    Weight. The Lycan is in a class of its own here. At 1.3kg weight it is the lightest full face helmet on the market. Head checks are a breeze and due to the good shape you don’t feel buffeted turning your head around. An excellent buy for anyone who suffers from tired neck after a long ride. Easy to carry around when you eventually stop. Outstanding.

    Visor clarity. I’ve been using the clear visor and can report its clear. You can see through it, it doesn’t distort, cleans easily and swaps out very easily for a tinted visor. The visor changing mechanism is EASY and takes about 15 seconds if you’ve got the hang of it. Excellent.

    Noise. I haven’t used more than a handful of helmets but the noise isn’t probably a little bit worse than usual. I put this down to the lightness perhaps skimping noise insulation. It’s by no means uncomfortably loud and easily a happy trade of for half a kilo of weight on my head. I’m not wearing ear plugs either which I probably should be doing with any helmet anyway. It does make a mad noise if you have the top vents open and do a head check.

    Other. The lining is fully removable and washable so you can de-stink your helmet after summer which is great, you can chop and change the padding to fit your head. There’s a range of visors available. The chin strap padding is perhaps a bit thin but again, this is a helmet designed for lightness.

    Overall. I’m very happy cruising around in the Lycan. It gets comments from other riders who notice the sweet carbon. I think it looks dead sexy in the plain colours. Gladly recommend you get one on your head soon!

    I was using the Pirate looking one you can see here:

  2. Thank you - that's a very comprehensive independent write up
  3. Sweetie I would like like to offer up my congratulations on your purchase, you appear to be tickled pink.......well done you.

    Class of it's own? Not quite right sweetie, having raced with one of these as a loner from a dear chum. Carbon RSR 2 Carbon average weight size M : 1290g. 5 stars in SHARP tests.
  4. a class of two then?
  5. not many carbon lids get 5 stars... i think the shark maybe teh only one?
    lighter is'nt always stronger.
    but it is lighter, so that's good yes.
  6. omg...
    that little Schuby is just gorgeous darlink !!
    you do have an eye for fashion, so tastelfull and elegant and yet not too out there or outrageous... but just a hint of mystery.
    just adorable, i love it !
  7. Sweetie just for one moment I wistfully imagined you were referring moi
  8. Rattus the Shark is the same weight however Takamiis is $250 cheaper AND 1.3kgs in the XL size, not M.

    So we're not comparing apples to apples here. But I would the Shark in XL would be fairly close.
  9. And here is Bluey - a happy customer

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  10. And a few more happy people

    "Its helmet licking good "

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  11. sooo is there anyway to see how this compares to say a shoei, obviously non-carbon XR-1100 as thats what im comparing to... and im mostly purchasing for a good lid in case of a crash not juuusttt for looks. So what im asking is the Takamii just as good as a Shoei on impacts?
  12. G force transference on impact works out as an average at less than 50 % of the allowable maximum limits as per the Australian Standard.

    The Australian standard allows of an average of 300G transference

    That Shoei also weighs in 350 grams heavier in the comparison I did with a customers helmet on a 2xl size

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  13. So the helmets are flavoured?
  14. Lol awesome pics : )

    I'll have a blueberry one thanks.
  15. Some more pictures

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  16. And at the end of summer, they're scratch 'n sniff.
  17. Went to the motorcycle show today and bought a candy blue from alex!! great helmet, only thing that i feel like it's missing from the whole package is probably a cleaning cloth (for fingerprints) & may be a user manual (instructions for cleaning maintenance, how to take visor off etc)

    but the helmet itself is extremetly comfy, have not taken it out for a ride yet as the weather is very shity today. Really looking forward to take it out for a spin