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Takamii Helmet Review

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by ricethief, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. After crashing my bike late last year and doing some damage to my Shoei TZ-R helmet I decided to give a Takamii Helmet a try. I ended up going for a Graphite version as the graphics on the Lycan stands out too much.

    I like graphics but more subtle ones which made me think that the Graphite helmet might look too plain. In person however the carbon weave gives it more detail and depth than a gloss or matt black helmet. I paid abit extra for an irdium visor which breaks up all the black where as the tinted visor would just blend in.

    The finish is pretty good, where the two halves of the helmet meet together the carbon weave lines up well. The visor mechanism isnt as smooth as the Shoei but still sturdy. The mechanism to change the visor is harder to use than the Shoei, thus changing the visor isn't as easy but that could to atributed to being use to the one on the Shoei.

    The vents are easy to open while on the move and work well with circulating the air, having the two at the top and just one at the bottom open is enough and has more flow than the Shoei I had. The padding inside isn't as plush as the Shoei and the two D clasp where you feed the straps through doesn't have the same finish as the Shoei.

    Wind noise at low speeds I noticed the Takamii is nosier, especially when you do head checks the wing section at the back where air escapes makes alot of the noise, above 100 its comparable to the Shoei. With sizing, i wear an XL with the Shoei, but am a L in the Takamii.

    Weight of the Takamii is the biggest strong point, weighting it on a electronic scale its 1350 grams, its the first thing everyone who holds it notices is the light weight. The carbon weave adds to the look and coolness factor.

    Overall its a well built helmet with a good finish, the padding lets it down abit and the D clasp, but its lightweight, comfortable and well priced. I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend the Takamii to anyone looking for a new helmet.

    Here some pics I took:

    Helmet the day I received it


    I was off the bike for a month so I had to make do wearing it around the house


    Pic my friend took with a camera phone while I was on the bike

  2. hi RICE

    Thanks for the objective review - it is always best that people hear from their peers rather than take the worrd of the manufacturer - however I am not sure how your scales came to show 1550 gram weight when the independant certifying body and every one else who has weighed it shows 1300 +/- 50 grams

    As for the liner and the d ring - to keep weight down the use of different material is required

    However I assure you that even if the helmet is light that the testing results show that the helmet allows half the transference of G forces in event of a impact that is allowed by the AS1698 ( in other words twice as good as the minimum standard )

    Those pictures - may I have your permission to copy them to my web page ? I really like the one on the trike
  3. I'm quite surprised at this point here. I found the visor change on par with my Shoei Xr-1000. Main thing that got me was with my Shoei I needed to have the visor basically all the way up and with the Takamii it's down 1 click.
  4. Hey Marinko

    sorry the helmet does weigh 1350, it was a typo and i fixed it.

    While I understand there are sacrifices with the padding for weight savings, the point of my review is to be as detailed and forthright as possible with my observations and opinions. That way those reading the review can make an informed decision.

    Personally for me, the difference in material is offset by the weight, which ultimately adds to the comfort of the wearer.

    You are welcome to use the pics on your site, in return I would like the take the title of Takamii Male Model :p.

    Geeth the reason why its harder is because the tab you pull back to release the visor is a small tab on the Takamii, where its a D shaped indent which you stick your finger in. This allowed me to change the visor without taking the helmet off on the Shoei.
  5. Rice - no problems I only ever ask people speak the truth - its not me the review for but your fellow motorcyclists who would have more faith in your review then one by me the importer

    Its a toss up between you and the sexy geek geeth for male model - pistols at down at 10 paces LOL
  6. Ahh right. I can't say that I have ever tried to do a visor swap with the helmet on, but I could imaging the D loop being easier in that case.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


    I win!!
  7. I changed my visor the other night whilst riding along...... I was very impressed with myself to say the least :)