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Takamii Helmet, Lycan Fire Review

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by carpetbelly, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. I thought I'd post up a proper review now I've used it a few times and it's really bedded in rather than tack it onto someone elses so apologies who read the original as I'll prob repeat some of it.

    Well, when the helmet first turned up at work in the box I was shocked that this box could contain a helmet considering how light it was. When I got it home I wasn't dissapointed. And looked even better in the flesh with the red iridium visor on it than the pics I've seen previously.

    There is a touch, and I only mean a touch, more wind noise with this helmet compared to my RJays. BUT I find this a bonus as I can hear my pipe a lot better and the odd pops it gives on downshifts hehe. So enjoyment factor of riding said bike is increased hehe :D
    I think it might be to do with the RJays having a touch more padding but then again, this helmet is far more comftable than the RJays, lighter and generally nicer to ride with. I do feel I could prob go all day with this helmet on and really not feel the weight at all. Afterall, it's miniscule in comparison to the weight of my fat head my neck already has to carry...

    I've met a number of bikers on my breaks who pull over to chat, what a nice bunch quite frankly! Most are absolutely shocked at how light the helmet is and a number have commented how theirs cost anything up from $200 up from the price of the Takamii helmet but weighted that much more.

    But the best thing, is the attention from the ladies! Yes, I can be that shallow, after all I have a penis and like to think with it from time to time. I'd like to think it was more me than the helmet but I'll be a realist considering I'm covered in tats, got the belly from hell and beardy with glasses! I'm not going to say it's the bike, well, because it's korean lol. Would you cheer, wink, wave, whistle at a Kia? I think not... So two different car loads of mid 20's looking surfery looking type of girls doing that to me confirms it was a good choice in helmet! :D

    If that doesn't sell it to the blokes I don't know what will lol

  2. Nice insightful review carpetbelly. I reckon this helmet is definitely a looker and has the performance and lightness to go with it. Well done with your purchase.
  3. the wind noise comment very nearly lost me. but that last paragraph was an epic save
  4. wow my helmets get you laid - awesome

    this is why we dont hear from Alexandrino much - too busy getting some these days after he bought a lycan
  5. didn't he buy your jeans too??

    double dosing?
  6. Thats because it covers your face :D :bolt:
  7. Just had a call from a racer in Adelaide who has one of these for racing

    He called to thank me for saving his life

    He was racing at Phillip Island I believe and was in second spot - lost it due to wet conditions started sliding and was hit on the back of the head by another bikes front wheel at about 170 kph - all he heard was a huge bang like an explosion

    The helmet seems to have a crack in the clear coat about 3 inches long but the carbon fibre doesnt look cracked or damaged at all - he will send it back to me so the factory lab can analyse the helmet and its performance in this situation

    He slid and tumbled etc across the track and so on - the visor didnt even come off the helmet, he tells me during all this he did not loose consciousness or clarity - he was clear minded all the way through and after the incident.

    The guy that hit him high sided onto the grass and his SHOEI lost its visor and got smashed up apparently this guy also lost consciousness.

    He is writing me a story about the incident and so is the guy that hit him and they will send me pictures - I will post this up for people to see when I receive it.

    he is also going to supply his phone number for people to call and verify the incident if they wish

    His name is Alex - 0407 716344

    In this case it looks like Phongus'es entry in the helmet competition was spot on "carbon - essential for life"
  8. got a name? I might know them :D I wanna go see the carnage :D

  9. Hi first name is Alex - haven't got the second name yet

    His name is Alex - 0407 716344
  10. wow, that's mad! Glad to hear the guys ok and bodes well for me if I come off lol

    oh and excuse the helmet hair and my dodgy wonky eyes hehe

    Untitled by carpetbelly, on Flickr
  11. Thanks for the pic Carpet - thats going straight to the web page :)

    PS - glasses slide in a-ok into the helmet and over your ears ?
  12. absolutely no issues with the glasses sliding in at all... they slot in very easily to be fair.
  13. My Name Is, Alessandro Malatesta and this is my testimonial

    I ride a 695 Ducati Monster modified to race in limited solo in SA and twin sprint in Vic

    At Round 2 of the Vic titles I purchased the Takamii Lycan helmet off Mick’s suit repair, my first time around the Winton circuit with the new helmet was like riding with a base ball cap on, man their light.
    It was Monday the 15th of May 2011 round 3 Victorian titles at Philip Island.
    The weather was wet, there were periods where the track dried out but then rained again, race 3 in the afternoon I was position 9 on the grid, I had a soft front and medium rear in continentals on at the time, in the warm up lap the bike hung on really well as the track was dry, as we staged I noticed a few spots of rain on my visor.
    Lights went out race start I passed position 3 I was directly behind the guy on pole, 4th gear coming into turn 1 first place was Nic Borelli, as Nic dipped in to turn 1 I dipped in staying on the power the rain got a bit heavier and the bike washed out beneath me as lost traction, I am now sliding feet first towards the ripple strip of turn 1, Adam Stockdale was behind me not knowing if he should pick the gap between me and my bike or to just throw the bike down, thankfully for me he decided to stand on the front brakes and let go of the bike, Adam was high sided and thrown head first off the bike, the front wheel locked up and hit my helmet head on, it felt like someone hitting my helmet with a sledgehammer, I was wearing ear plugs and the noise of the bike hitting me was still intense, not knowing what had just hit me I notice Adam pass over me, as I hit the ripple strip I barrel rolled a few times, once I came to a stop I quickly got up and ran over to Adam whom seemed a bit vague and kept asking if the guy he hit was alright, I answered “ you hit me ! And I’m fine “, I noticed Adam’s Shoei was damaged due to him hitting the grass head first, the visor was busted and the rubber bit was hanging off, he then lay down so I checked that my bike had turned off, then checked if it were possible to get back on it and stay in the race but there was too much damage.
    I assisted the track marshals to load the bikes in the trailer, whilst Adam was taken by the ambulance, Adam suffered concussion and was taken to hospital for observation, I then removed my helmet and gloves, staring at my helmet as I was holding the bike in the trailer whilst travelling back to the pits, the guy next to me holding Adams bike said “helmet doesn’t look to bad does it” I looked at him and replied “would you believe a bike hit me in the head?”.
    There is a slight crack in the (what seems to be) clear coat and a few scratches on the front, not only am I impressed with the way I can ride easily with the light helmet but I can be rest assured that my head couldn’t be in a safer helmet, 10 stars for Takamii as far as I’m concerned
    Alessandro Malatesta
    0407 716 344

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  14. awesome...

    man, thats gotta make you proud takamii...

    Have you ever though of doing some extreme testing/proofing? Mythbuster kinda stuff. Like shooting a cannon ball at it and seeing what happens :D
  15. wow, doesn't look half bad considering a bike smashed into it lol :D
  16. That is extremely impressive