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Takamii Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by ArmyLad, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Got a pair of these when they were first released.

    A bit of a mid-season/summer glove. Not really up to cold winter days though. City commuting with liners and you might get away with it.

    As a glove its pretty good imo. Especially for the price! anything better and your gonna be spending a whole lot more $$$.

    The fingers all fit very comfortably, the armor on the knuckles is nice and solid, and there is plenty of feel and flexibility for manipulating the throttle and other controls. A really good gauntlet glove. Oh, and it feels very securely attached to your hand thanks to an extrA little strap that goes across the wrist to secure it at a secondary point.

    4.5 out of 5 for me.
  2. Been thinking about a pair myself, but i have a lot of trouble getting gloves what fit.
    Odd shaped hands i guess.
    Been thinking about asking the missus if she would care to learn leater sewing :p.
  3. ML will be most happy.
  4. just had a quick look at these, look remarkebly like a gp tech copy?
  5. thats because they are, good gloves btw, gp pro not gp tech
  6. Correct!

    Amusingly I went on a ride with a group on Saturday, one of the other riders in the group had the black/white GP Pros on. He didn't notice the difference between his A* gloves and my Ebay specials until I told him! lol

    Didn't have the heart to tell him the price difference either. :cool:
  7. how much ?
  8. Bought the first prototype pair from motolegion. Been using them for a few months and they are a very superior glove for the price. Good service and great product.
  9. I think the difference between the products might come in the crash testing...

    And yes, you would hope they have good features, they are a rip off of a great product...
  10. I went in to a motorcycle store with these gloves and then compared them to the a* branded one and couldn't find a single superiority that the a* would have over these ones apart from costing 60% more.
  11. Finally got around to ordering mine today !

    Also hoping that the helmets are available to try for size at the expo on the weekend.
  12. Gloves will be at your place Friday Stu

    and yes all helmet sizes and all styles will be at the expo at the MRG stand this weekend

    go say hi to Alex from MRG
  13. Will do. Thanks.

    Better leave the Amex at home.
  14. got many left?
  15. few dozen
  16. Are you going to do a summer or perforated version?
  17. They are perforated between the fingers and on the cuff as well as vents in the knuckles and behind knuckles for airlow
  18. Can anyone comment on the effectiveness of the vents? Up here in BrisVegas you need as much venting as you can on hot days....
  19. what you need up there is a light weight helmet more than anything :)