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Takamii Carbon graphite w/tinted visor review.

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by gogoplata, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. My review (compared to a Shark RSR2 non carbon). Had mine for about a month now (graphite with tinted visor).

    Sizing/Fit. Takamii Carbon I wear large and Shark RSR2 non carbon in XL. Shark has longer chin protection which is good safety wise but I don't like it personally. Shark 8/10, Takamii 9/10.

    Weight - Carbon obviously heaps lighter, main reason I got it. Barely feel like I'm wearing a helmet. Shark = 6/10, Takamii = 9/10.

    Vision - I find the Takamii better than the Shark's tunnel vision. I actually do proper head checks now. Shark = 6/10, Takamii = 8/10.

    Noise/Airflow - Shark at 100+ has a higher pitched noise which used to annoy me until I started wearing earphones. Takamii isn't that great but the noise pitch is more tolerable. Airflow about the same with all vents open, but do tend to fog a little bit more with the Takamii. Shark - 6/10, Takamii - 7/10.

    Safety - Shark crashed 3 times, 1 lowslide scraping the visor slider off (visor sliders are a great idea) and some minor scratches to the lid. 1 other crash I don't remember much but I don't think I hit anything too hard. Takamii, untested and hope it stays that way! Don't have any testing results from Takamii so I can't say and judging it's a Carbon it is unlikely to protect as well. Shark RSR2 line scored a 5/5 from Sharp UK ratings. No noticeable head damage that I know of so I give Shark a 9/10 and Takamii an estimated average rating of 6/10.

    Water/Rain - Neither leaked anything during Melbourne weather (sunny/rain/showers on the same day) etc. 9/10 Shark and Takamii.

    Quality - Shark quality is definately a notch above. Everything is more refiend ie, Visor lid is opened via a small indentation as opposed to a tab sticking out of the visor. Visor sliders, breathe deflector, liner, metal finish, documentation/warranty registration. All the small things that make it look trick. Shark = 9/10, Takamii = 6/10.

    Visor - Shark RSR2 visor is definately the best I've seen, 3mm? thick, much stronger than most visor's whereas the Takamii appears to be the same as other lids. Visor attachment on Shark appears to be more robust. Shark visors include sliders and the tint is much darker compared to a light tint for Takamii's. 9/10 Shark, 6/10 Takamii

    Cost - RSR2 cost me about 800-900 a few years ago, Takamii about 650-700.
    Shark 6/10, Takamii 7/10.

    Graphics/Looks - Was after a low key matte black/dark coloured lid to match the bike and Takamii's fit the bill, Shark RSR2 had a matte black Carbon but it was a bit too two toned for me. 6/10 Shark, 7/10 Takamii.

    Tied 74/100 each.

    Overall I am quite happy with the Takamii, mostly because of the light weight. However, if a Shark RSR2 Carbon or comparable lid is available at the same price, it would be hard not to get that instead. Unless Takamii can improve and refine the level of details and quality to the level of Shark's.