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Taipans dont like kawaka's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AngX, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Since moving to cairns, far north Queensland Ive been trying to get as much riding in on the beautiful twisties that they have up here.
    i was out riding on Saturday coming home from mareeba to cairns via the kuranda range. sitting on about 110 in the distance i see something black / brown kinda like a shredded retread tire so i buffered over an didn't really worry, as i got closer i noticed it was moving and though oh snake, no worries ill buffer a bit more and she will be right.
    then as im about to go past it i see it pop up and i feel / hear a small thud on the side of my bike and realize that this bloody snake just had a go at me.
    it turns out this snake was a bloody taipan which is one of the most aggressive and poisonous snakes up in this region.

    what i couldn't believe was about 3 cars and a couple cruisers went past and it didn't move but when i went past at about 110 on my burnt orange zx6r she took a lunge and me and was fast enough to get a hit when it was sitting on the left wheel track and i was almost on the center line.
    i feel i was quite lucky it didn't hit my leg or id most likely be in hospital right now.

    anyways just thought i would share my interesting moment of my weekend ride.
  2. I looked for a snake biting a bike emoticon; apparently Netrider doesnt have one o_O
  3. You're lucky. Taipans are one of the worlds deadliest snakes! Extremely aggressive, mobile and super strong venom. They'll also keep biting till they know you're down.
  4. :shock: Makes my regular stare downs with a goose that a farmer lets wander the roads near robertson quite tame.
  5. did you check your bike for bite marks? pics or it didn't happen, you know the drill :grin:
    that's damn sweet, in a damn scary kind of way. sucks having to be paranoid about your fellow man killing you on your bike, without having to worry about nature having a go too.

    this all could have been avoided, of coure, if you were going faster :wink:
  6. In any region, for that matter.

    Like others have said, highly venomous, highly aggressive.


    Chances are that it was the coastal taipan, if indeed it was one of them.

    At the Berwick show earlier this year we watched one of those reptile displays with two guys showing off their "pets" which consisted of crocs, boa type snakes and of course a few venomous ones.

    The worst that they had was the tiger snake, or one species of it, anyway. Fairly deadly, but like most snakes, only aggressive if scared or attacked.

    Most will not go out of their way to have a go. There are exceptions, including the taipan, and king brown, which happen to hang out in your kneck of the woulds...

    Invest in a decent set of boots and at least heavy duty pants, if not leathers. Most snakes in Oz, according to these guys, have small fangs. And if you are attacked and you have the right type of trousers on, the fangs (and the venom) will get lost in the material.


    What I found scary was a National Geo channel show on these idiots searching the jungles of Brazil or somewhere for some snakes of a particular breed.

    They captured one (more proof of their lunacy). They held the thing, and with a decent sized screw driver, held its mouth open with the driver behing the fangs which they forced outwards. If they weren't at least 50mm long I'll bear my arse in front of Jennifer Hawkins while she's having a shower.
  7. <3 aus even get attacked by snakes at 110. Still not as bad as dropbears
  8. i had my sidi vertigo boots on, i normally wear my leather pants but for some reason i only had my hornee jeans on that day. next time ill make sure i wear my leathers

    no bite marks in the bike or signs of scratches, i dont know where he hit i just felt a small tap.
    i was just supprised at how fast it moved and the distance it had to move to get in range.
  9. I was picturing a local basket baller dis'n ur kawi when reading the title.
  10. Wouldn't have happened on a Honda ;)
  11. Orange provokes hostility, right? Should've kicked his mirrors off.
  12. Welcome to FNQ....!!!!!

    Missed you yesterday, we had a good ride. Did you get out at all?
  13. now thats impressive, able to strike a target passing at 110!

    must of been a Vic cop in disguise
  14. yeh when the hangover wore off i ended up going for a short ride to palm cove for lunch.
    her first ride on the cbr250rr went well, its a good little bike.
  15. Tootling along this back road, doing, oh, $1.50. Out of the trees a magpie swooped down and clouted my mate on the back of his helmet.

    Not bad going, I thought. Bird was able to judge the approach speed, then at the right moment intercept him with unerring accuracy.

    Pity that the "other" Magpies couldn't do the same yesterday...

  16. glad you escaped unhurt... i saw a few when i was up there n would not want to get to close :)

    makes the snake i ran over in tassie seem tame :p
  17. I have often wondered what would happen if I ran over a snake on the bike... never imagined one would try and strike at it like that though! Would have been great footage if you had a cam or two on the bike
  18. Second most deadly snake in the world. Eastern Taipan.
    Most deadly snake in the world, The inland Taipan. Or scaly fierce snake

    Eastern Taipan strikes only once.
    The inland Taipan strikes Seven or eight times in the time as the eastern Taipan does once.
    The fangs are about 10 mm long,
    And they strike with blinding speed.
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  20. Just keep your feet up in the air, Hahahahaha