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Tailored Leathers in Asia???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrjames, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all, :woot:

    I'm going to SE Asia in January and was wondering if anyone knows of a place that does tailor made or custom racing (or road) leathers. There are a few sellers on ebay that make them to measurements that you send via email for around $100-150, so something like this but a physical store so I can choose/inspect the leather and quality.
    I'm going to Vietnam (all over), Thailand (mainly BNK) and Malaysia (mainly KL), so shops in these areas.
    I'll be getting suits and shirts made whilst in Hoi An, why not bike gear?
    If I find and buy something decent I'll post pics and contact details so people can place orders themselves. Fittings are always best when done in person but you never know. Thanks
  2. Some of the made-to-order gear available in Aust is made in Pakistan and shipped within a week. But I can't recommend you go there for your holiday...
    (not right now, anyway.)
    Never heard of leathers from SE Asia.
  3. Many companies source their material from Pakistan, produce the item in China (also hopefully Vietnam/Thailand now :) ) and package and tag in Italy or the US for the 'made in Italy' tag line. Also lots of ‘US made’ goods are actually produced in Saipan, a US territory in Asia. In other words, it’s very hard to identify the true origin of anything. In some of these countries you can find ‘factory leakage’ in street markets for 1/20th of the RRP in Aust. Ideally I’m after custom/tailor fitted but I’ll see what’s out there :)
  4. Have you looked localy?
    Ive seen some pretty good Australian made stuff that you can have tailord for under $700 MD leather...? was one place ive seen a one peice form and it looked like an expensive one worth thousands, they have 11ty colour combo's and designs to chose form. Buying local also gives you the chance to have panels replaced at minimal cost if you have an off.
  5. Haven't heard of MD Leather. With the custom stuff I've seen coming out of China/Pakistan I'm expecting under $200 for a fully tailored race suit with factory racing logos and padding/sliders. Haven't seen anything custom locally for under 1K. I've seen the suzuki race replica jackets on Ebay for $90us that are made to order. I have been tempted, but since I'm heading to the source, thought I'd try my luck there and inspect beforehand. Buying anything in asia generally means a MASSIVE saving. It would probably cost more that $200 to have a panel replaced anyway...Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks, Keep the replies coming:) Looks like I might be a guinea pig here
  6. i've had some dodgy shirts made in vietnam and thailand when visiting there.

    dont know about leathers....hell of a chance to take if you ask me and more expensive.

    and all the suits i've seen made there dont look great ( so with motorcycle leathers i dont think they'd be too durable etc.)

    there's a reason i buy $1K italian suits over $200 vietnamese suits for work. the quality of workmanship is so much better and if the suit has an issue i can go straight back to the shop i bought it from...
  7. Given how bad most of the suits my mates got in Hoi An (from expensive and cheap tailors) I really wouldn't trust these places for protective gear.
  8. I agree if I were you I save my time and money enjoy the holiday, and buy it from local I know it cost more, but you 100% sure it safe and secure.
  9. I think everyone is assuming that I will buy any piece of crap because it is cheap??? Obviously if the quality is poor, it doesn't matter how cheap it is, its not safe. I do have quality gear already and I'm not looking to replace it. I have seen some very nice suits come out of Hoi An (Boss styles that fit like a glove) as well as some dodgies. And I'm not going to spend my holiday searching for leathers, thats why I started the thread. To find shops or streets before I leave.
  10. Good luck. No reason why you cannot find a quality race suit.
    Shop around.

    I'll keep an eye out on this thread (pun intended!)
  11. Just thought I'd bump this. Leaving soon after christmas.

    Does anyone know of any shops or districts where you can find motorcycle related products? Leathers, chains, sprockets, leavers, pads... Anything I can stuff in my backpack or take to a post office. I will of course share the wonders of the east with netrider if I come across anything, street names, pics, ordering info etc.

    From Kuala Lumpur I’m heading up to Hanoi in Vietnam, heading south over 10days. Then flying to Bangkok after spending a few days in Ho Chi Minh
  12. I was considering getting a leather jacket in Thailand when I was there in July. Don't know if it was just where I went, however the leather quality and thickness was not up to my standards and I had to walk out on the deal. I also couldn't be sure they were going to double stich steams ect. as sometimes what you communicate to them isn't always what you get. Maybe there might be somewhere that does quality stuff, but I didn't find it.

    You seem really excited about going over there, and I don't want to put a dampner on it, but you are not going to find bargains like an under $200 race suit. Some stuff is cheap for sure, food and manufactured items with a high labour component are all way cheaper over in Asia. Everything else is fairly close to the prices in Australia.

    I think you should listen to some advice here and at least look into the custom and off the shelf options here before you leave. At least then if you find something over there, you can decide if the savings are worth the comprimise in quality.

    Enjoy your trip. I'm going to Singapore and Bangkok again in July next year so if you find anywhere good, make sure to let us know.
  13. What can I say, I’m optimistic :D. I don’t actually need new gear so I’m not going to spend days searching – and I do know what is available in Aust. But you never know what someone else may have stumbled upon whilst browsing the streets of Asia. I’m sure there is quality stuff somewhere, hidden under the stairs of a basement around the corner from some place. Racing is really kicking off in Thailand and especially Malaysia. What would you recommend doing whilst in the area then.
  14. did you try talking to some motorbikers on the local asian chatrooms over icq? Helped me always when I wanted to buy something good, while not getting ripped off, from a different country.
  15. I recently had a discussion with a fellow ducati rider who lives in bangkok and he sent me the following as i was looking for gear when i was there a few weeks ago.

    There are a few shops in Bangkok and even a Ducati dealership. I'm not sure you'd want to buy here rather than Australia as motorcycle equipment/parts are rather expensive here due to high import duties. I buy most of my stuff online and even with shipping costs and occasional import tax, it still works out cheaper than buying locally.
    The best deals here are usually older range boots and helmets.

    Take a look at these links-

    www.ducatisti.co.th Ducati dealer in Bangkok.

    www.fastcorner.co.th Arai helmets, parts and accessories

    www.redbaronbkk.com Secondhand bikes, parts and accessories

    www.paddock.co.th Clothing and accessories (some good deals on Sidi boots) but not the most honest people around.

    When you get into Bangkok and are trying to get around, can i recommend you try out the motorcycle taxis (you just jump on the back of their bikes), they save alot of time from not sitting in traffic. Alot of their motorcycle stores are aimed at scooters and scooter modifications. I didnt actually get time to check out any of the shops above besides the ducati shop (very nice shop!!) so cant recommend if any are really good sorry
  16. Whatever you find, please post the results so I can check it out when I'm over there in Jan-Feb ;)
  17. the people who say tailored suits from asia are crap probably paid for a $100 tailor

    i paid 3 times that and got a tailored suit that rivals designer stuff here

    i am not experienced in leathers, but goto a prominent shop and ask them to copy a design. you might pay abit more but it will be more reliable, and by copying a design the designing skills of the tailor is not an issue, just tailoring skills!

    find a shop that will sell via phone/internet and ship overseas , then tell them if their work is good you will be ordering more from them for friends etc. it gives them an incentive to produce a good product for you

    try find someone with decent english skills to minimise mis-communications. unless of course you can speak their language

    EDIT: if you havnt bought from asia before, remember not to let them hussle you. THEY NEED TO SELL TO MAKE A LIVING, BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY TO MAKE A LIVING!