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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by El Damo, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Why is it that so many aresholes think that not only is it their right to exceed the legal speed limit, but that anyone travelling at the legal limit in front of them (therefore preventing the arsehole from exceeding the speed limit) deserves to be intimidated and abused? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    At least twice a week I'm subjected to incidents like those described below, and they happen regardless of whether I'm on a bike or driving a car. Is it just me or does anyone else have to put up with this shit continuously. What's more, despite the high number of times this has happened, and the number of times I've reported it to the police, I have never once seen the police pull someone over for tailgating. It seems that the commitment to road safety in Victoria goes as far as paying Tenix to operate speed cameras. A quick read of the court reports in the local paper quickly shows that even people who are repeatedly caught speeding, often by ridiculous amounts, rarely lose their licenses. Instead they're just given a fine (more revenue for government coffers) and let back on the road to continue tailgating and abusing other road users.

    These were the two incidents that happened to me earlier today:

    Coming home today along the Princes Fwy towards Geelong I moved into the right lane to overtake a car which was doing about 90Kph. There were a couple of cars ahead of that one, so I couldn't get back immediately, but I was passing the cars on my left. As I was moving past those cars, another car came flying up my arse and sat a very short distance behind me, then proceeded to get even closer. There was still a car on my left, so I couldn't move over, but the arsehole sped up and nearly rammed me. Fortunately I was able to accelerate away and move across. The arsehole passed on my right as I was slowing down from 130Kph.

    A few minutes later I had just finished overtaking in the right lane and was moving back to the left when yet another arsehole decided that the posted speed limit wasn't fast enough. Arsehole2 actually passed me in the same lane I was in, before I'd finished moving into the adjacent lane.

    What's more, both arseholes gave me filthy looks - as if not exceeding the speed limit is something which deserves abuse.

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. but what can you do? :(
    it only causes more road rage if you respond
    you can tap your brakes, but if there that agro they probably wont stop. and hence only aggravating these loonies

    what ever happened to courtesy :?:

    does it really matter to them that there going to get there 5mins (if) faster????? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    end rant...
    i hate getting behind the wheel, because i dont have the option of lanespliting to get away from these nutters......... :eek:
  3. I hate it in the car and on the bike but at least in the car you can do something about it, on the bike all you can do is try to get away/out of their way as fast as you can.
  4. Apparently if you just open your window a crack and hang out a packet of pepper, thanks to the goodness of the Gods of airflow, said seasoning finds its way into the air inlet of tailgating vehicle; apparently this causes said d1ckhed driver to experience some discomfort...apparently...
  5. I hate it, but now I have a bike, I just safely accelerate and get the hell away from them. If it's just me and my Land Rover, they back off anyways, cause guess who's gonna win if I get rammed :)
  6. Hey el damo. I get it every day. :twisted: Trucks being the worst. The other day this truck was about half a car length behind me and once we were going down the hill he took off. Nearly took my tail light, then nearly took my headlight.
    What speed was I doing? 105 in a 100 zone.

    Ha ha ha ha His boss was real impressed when he heard about it. Apologised up hill and down dale. I bet that shIthead was sorry when he got back.
  7. Yep it's definately not enforced enough, in fact I've had a number of situations where I've actually been tailgated by Police vehicles. In one instance I was driving behind a cop car which pulled over, waited for me to pass, then pulled back out and proceeded to tailgate me :evil:. I'm sure they were just trying to bait me into speeding up so they could book me for that. Had another one tailgate then nearly clip me on the bike trying a risky overtake maneouver - no lights or sirens and they pulled into a KFC just a few blocks down (must have been holding up their precious meal time).
  8. :LOL: I love it, actually know where I can source some powdered shrimp flavouring - might not cause quite as much discomfort but they'd never get rid of the smell from their car :twisted: :grin: .
  9. Princes Freeway huh? Isn't that where they have installed those new speed cameras?

    Seems to me you just need to get out of their way at the right time, watch them accelerate and give you a dirty look as you slow down to the limit and watch them have their photo taken!

    In fact, I might just go out there now and have a play! :)
  10. We don't seem to have those thingies down this way much. Occassionally a car with a hair dryer, but all the limits are broken.

    Worst I have seen I suppose was today about 8.30am passing a school. The school bus full of kids was doing about 60. Cop car went the other way, didn't even look. Slackers.

    Why should car drivers obey when the school bus doesn't.

    Often see school buses speeding and tailgaiting. Watch 2 or 3 of them nose to tail (tailgaiting each other) full of kids and speeding. What hope have other drivers got as an example.
  11. Have any of you driven in europe?

    I am by no means condoning any of this & personally I have never tailgated a motorbike and think its one of the dumbest things to do to a motorbike, yet I have been tailgated by one, because I wouldn't move (from the centre of my lane) to let him lane split. He eventually passed between the gutter and the passenger side of my car.... and honeslty I just wanted to crunch him, but obviously I didn't. :)

    It was said earlier, "There were a couple of cars infront of the one I was overtaking".... One of the things I was taught was "know how your going to get back across" and "if you commit to an overtake, dont fcuk around with it, get it done and move back across".

    I really hope that all these people get caught for speeding and fined, but I too find it really frustrating when someone is going farting along to overtake someone, if i'm in a hurry.
    No-one seems to do that when i'm in the effy.... Not even Landrovers or Cruisers or whatever it was.

    By the way, it is a crime to doodle in the right hand lane.

    Anyway, as long as everyone is safe & well!!!! :)
  12. Yeah i've had pigs do that to me too. Tailgate me when i'm on the speed limit....a$$holes!

    i agree totally. always ride in left/middle lane unless overtaking rapidly! Even though it shouldn't be there's always gonna be super fast overtakers in right hand lane.....too dangerous to sit there for any length of time
  13. Only if the speed limit is 80kph or more, and even then only if the left hand lane is free.
  14. I certainly wasn't doodling in the lane, nor had I failed to plan the manouvre. I was simply stating that was taking a little longer than passing just one car, but certainly not an extraordinarily long time.
  15. Dam, U guys have certainly copped the short end of the

    Hope in ya next life Ya born a different colour :LOL:
  16. Had cops Tailgate me in Unmarked cars twice...
    How do i know they wer cops?
    Because after flashing tail lights at them several times and them just getting closer I slowed right down.
    In both cases they flashed the red and blue.
    In both cases they pissed off right after I said the words "Give me your badge number, you were tailgating and driving unsafely."
  17. The answer is - its your safety, maybe you were going fast enough and maybe you had planned everything andd maybe you are using the road within the law - but if you value your safety you have to just get out of thier way, if that means going even faster then you have to. Its shit but they dont care about you safety so you cannot rely on them for anything.
  18. Sometimes you are stuck to the right with solid trafic to the left and no "Safe" way to move over, Let us be truly honest, sometimes people are shust pieces of escriment who deserve to bloody walk.
  19. :shock:
    Any ideas what might happen if the car behind doesn't hit theirs?? As for flashing the brake light, have you heard the one about the boy who cried wolf? It might make them back off twice, but what if you need to stop the third time..?

    Doesn't really bear thinking about, does it? All you can really do is overtake as quickly and safely as possible in the right lane, and keep a bigger gap in front elsewhere - you may need to use the dolt's reaction time as well as your own...