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Tailgating Truckies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by engels, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. A real festive occassion. Massive delays on the highway ahead. Everyone is doing 80km/h on the highway, truck driver tailgating two metres behind.

    Not much else could be done so I look in the rear view mirror and see he's trying to persue me to go faster.. maybe he wants me to go into the car ahead?

    Anyone else have these problems?
  2. Or another possibility is the truck driver is looking over you. It's not a nice position to be in, but try not to be bullied into doing something dangerous.
  3. Been there done that.
    I have had a truck less that 2 meters off my tail, and been doing 90 odd with traffic in front and beside me so there is no where to go, but the F#4ker still insisted on staying so damned close that if I had hit the brakes he may not have even seen the lights.
  5. .....petrol tanker went up the rear end of my car recently... saw him in my rear vision mirror...and was pleased I wasn't directly in front of him....then all of a sudden I was the car in front of him!! (other cars turned off etc).

    He was right up my date!!....I turned left into a service station..and he was so close to my car that he didn't see me indicate... took off the right hand rear lights, right side of rear bumper and some paint work :roll:

    He had the bloody cheek to laugh when he got out of his cab!!... I gave it to him... the fricking a$$hole!!
  6. I always make sure trucks are never behind me, ever.
  7. Yes, infact he was
  8. Possible a combination of speed, impossible deadlines, the other speed, and in some drivers just a bad attitude.

    Give them the one finger salute as you wave them past :grin:
  9. I can hear him,I am a profesional driver,my extra height allows me more vision,I am having trouble sleaping after crushing 1 too many cars when i could not stop in time,there driving trucks for a reason
  10. i'd suggest signalling the driver. Maybe speed up a tad and put an arm in the air that he can see then once he has your attention give him the offical "get off my tail" signal of pointing at the pillion seat and then making a waving motion away from it.

    If this fails, I'm sure an officially Chuck Norris sanctioned rounhouse kick would suffice
  11. From the filp side, I was road testing (after repairs) a long nose (w) kenny a few years ago and as I slowed for a light a "blue bike' changed into my lane and stopped at the lights.
    When the lights changed I had to wait for a fair while until I could see him/her ahead.
    He/she had apparently gone from my rh side across in front and sat on lh line, but out of my view. Really smart and guaranteed to p.. of truck drivers.
  12. this belongs in the waaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaa section
    (Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent)
  13. If I cut lanes and eventually find myself in front of a truck I always make sure I am far enough forward for them to see me. Because you just know one day you WILL come across a driver who wants to scare the shit out of you and have the turbo spooling before the lights change.

    I was a truck driver myself for 3 years and am appalled from what I have read in here about their behavior.
  14. _________________________________________________________________________
    I wasn't referring to "wanting to scare the s... " I was pointing that in the case I mentioned, the rider could have been squashed quite easily if I hadn't been attentive. Instead his/her actions disrupted my driving pattern. Fortunately as a mechanic I was road testing a vehicle I had just repaired and not trying to make a living out of driving.
    As an (ex?) driver you are quite right about spooling up before the lights change, time is money, and drivers get sick of inferred abuse concerning being slow off the mark etc.

    Moral of the story: Don't cut in on trucks, stay where you can be seen, and be careful of the turbulence.
    (and I have worked with a hell of a lot of pro drivers who also ride)
  15. I hate it when trucks tailgate, i hate it just as much if it's a barina a taxi a commodore or a Falcon, theres tools driving every type of vehicle, but i'd reckon most truckies are more professional and better drivers than most on the roads, If someone is making you that uncomfortble just change lanes or pull over, and continue on enjoying your ride, don't let em get to you
  16. I had a few problems with truckies tailgating mainly on my l's the following links to the thread...


    Main things i was told was to speed up and get out of there way or pullover and let them past... Obviously not possible on all roads at all times though.
  17. I get more p plate ute/van drivers wearing hi-vis vests tailgating me than i do truck drivers.
  18. I had a similar experience not long ago. One thing about trucks is that they're often identifiable by the markings on the back & side. Here's the response I got (names changed) after reporting the guy to the AFP:

    So, you may not get immediate gratification in terms of fines and so on, but at least you can return a bit of bad karma by dobbing them in to their employers.
  19. Good work, binder.
  20. Easy! I just get em back, I tailgate the truck!!! LOL

    I get the front wheel rubbing on their rear mudflap, much warmer in that pocket of air.