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tailgating redneck a$$hole

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kargo, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. This is more of a rant than anything else....

    So let me start off buy saying some people are just a$$holes!

    I was cruising down Mobrary road today, just after the Pacific Highway intersection. Was traveling at the 50km/h speed limit when i checked my mirrors and noticed the guy behind me was too close for comfort.

    Tried all the usual tricks:
    1) flashed brake lights a couple of times - car didn't slow down at all, didn't even seem to react. Probably wasn't watching the road.
    2) Rolled on the throttle to get some distance between us then slowed back down back to the speed limit - car speed up and closed the gap.
    3) swerved bike from side to side in a "s" pattern - really seemed to piss him off because he went into the oncoming lane to overtake me. I blasted my horn and let him pass.

    Gave the guy a big greasy when i caught up to him at the lights (on his left side). He returned me the favor by leaning over his passenger, rolling down the window and yelling some incoherent crap at me. Stupid #*@& :censored:

    Lights went green, i turned left and he went straight and that was the end of that.

    Is it just me or do people love tailgating motorbikes? It might just be my imagination but when i'm driving a car people don't seem to tailgate me as much and when they do flashing the brakes always makes them back off.
  2. Not just your imagination. I suspect it comes down to a combination of misplaced aggression, poor risk assessment and stupid impatience.

    Either that, or he was trying to save fuel by drafting. ;)
  3. Don't normally have the problem as I try to move along a bit quicker than the surrounding traffic ;) but when it does happen, it gives me the sh!ts. Had a truck tailgating me in the RHL @ $1.10 on the M4 a few months ago so I pulled back in to the LHL and let him past. A bit further up the road, I managed to catch up to him (he was still in the RHL) and I swear there was less than a bike length between him and the car in front and we were still travelling @ $1.00.

    From a different perspective, I've heard that some people worry about somebody jumping into the buffer they keep to the vehicle in front. As such, the less the buffer, the less likely anyone can/would try to move into it. They end up guarding/minimize the buffer zone as if their life depended on it.
  4. The irony being, of course, that by minimizing the buffer they have so as to forbid anyone entering that buffer zone diminishes the effectiveness of the buffer zone they are so proudly protecting.


    Cars are a good buffer though!

    Talking to a truck driver the other day, he was saying how no one ****s with him in his truck, aside from the one time where he was turning left across two lands (hence "do not over take turning vehicle") and a porsche 911 came flying up the inside. His back wheels (18 tonne truck) ran over the front of the 911 as he was turning. He said his first thoughts were "wtf was that?"

    So, moral of the story is, if you're going to buffer, make sure you're not buffering using a truck that's about to turn on top of you. Trust me, it makes sense and is highly relevant to this particular near miss/vent.
  5. At 50, tailgaters usually don't bother me much anymore. Depending on where I am, the type of car and driver and the kind of mood I'm in will change how I react. If I'm feeling like testing my mortality, I'll gradually roll off the throttle till I'm 5-10k below the limit and just sit there. If I'm not in the mood and it's safe to do so, then I'll do the above for about 10 sec and then pin it (as much as a 250 can take off anyway) and leave them long behind.

    Ultimately, as long as you have enough room in front of you, then tailgaters are more of a nuisance than anything. Now, if I have someone up my arse and I don't have a safe enough gap in front, then I work out an escape route.
  6. Spare a though for those of us who have been hit from behind. Tailgating = paranoi for me, so if there is nowhere for me to go to let them pass, I just slow right down so if they do hit me its going to be a slow speed impact. Fuk em, cause when I get back up they are going to be the ones that need to go to hospital.
  7. I had a guy in his Commodore tailgate me down Glebe Point Road a few weeks back. It's a 40 zone and I was doing 40, there were tons of people about (Sat morning). He got up right behind me and leant on his horn. When I pulled over he stopped too (in the middle of the road) and started going off. I pointed to the "40" sign and asked him how fast he thought would be appropriate...

    His response "F%ck you, you're a f%cking idiot!"
    "Doing the speed limit is idiotic?"
    "Get f%cked!"

    At this point I've already got the side stand down and have judged I can get my helmet off before he can get to me. I gave him the little finger. He turned purple and looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. Then a car that had come along behind him leant on their horn. As he drove off I could still see him cursing.

    TLDR: Me too - guy raged.
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  8. Haha, classic =D>
  9. Honestly, if they're sitting on your arse, it's for one reason....according to them, you are'nt going fast enough. Assume that everytime, even though once or twice it'll be because they're just idiots.

    Going faster, invites them to go faster as well. If you don't get a chance to slow down, because they stayed with you, then you have the same situation with increased danger (higher speed). You eirher make a clean getaway in traffic, and then ease off with other cars around you for protection.

    If someone is riding your arse turn off, pull into a driveway, but at least stop safely and wait for them to piss off. Then move on.
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  10. Always remember one thing: Right or wrong, bike looses.

    Best thing to do is let them go. Pull over etc. Speeding up won't help (they'll go with you, average tosser will see this as a challenge) and slowing down will make them angry.

    Getting in a fight when on a bike is a bad move too, especially if you have pillion.