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VIC Tailgating Camera's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ajrider, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Tailgating drivers would be fined in Victoria under road safety camera commissioner plan

    TAILGATING drivers would be snapped and fined under a bold plan put forward by Victoria’s road safety camera commissioner Gordon Lewis.

    He believes the speed camera network could be improved by adding technology to target tailgaters.

    New Victoria Police statistics reveal that the number of drivers travelling too close to the car in front continues to rise at an alarming rate.

    Police booked 3024 tailgating motorists in the last financial year — up from 2884 in 2013-2014. Offending drivers are fined up to $303 and get one demerit point on their licence.

    The practice is a major cause of nose-to-tail accidents and is often blamed for road rage.

    Mr Lewis said that under his idea, no new cameras would be installed but existing ones would be upgraded. “The current fixed road safety cameras would be modified to detect when vehicles are travelling too close to each other,” he said.

    Source: No Cookies | Herald Sun

  2. Not sure what I think about this. I'm of two minds:

    Positive because the police are finally beginning to take real dangerous driving habits more seriously instead of just speed.

    Concerned because it's camera based, and the authorities have proven themselves to be shrewd with this technology and tweak it to be about revenue instead of safety I wonder what sort of additional abuse it could end up being exploited to try and raise even more revenue.

    Hopefully my concerns are not warranted, and it has the positive outcome desired...
  3. Thanks for posting :)
    What a load of shite tail gating isn't the major cause its idiots texting and or generally not driving to conditions is.
    I can see it now, the camera will be set for both speed and distance if your not speeding that's ok because if your less than 2.5 car lengths from the car in front heres a little something for you
  4. Problem is that there is not way of measuring what a safe distance is. The two second rule is a guideline, but would it be fair to get fined if you are timed at 1.8 secs?

    Like speed cameras it will be likely that the Government will start lowering the tolerance to maintain the revenue stream.
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  5. I thought there was no specific law against tail gating.
    Isn't the law just about failure to stop in time or something like that.
  6. To indignant blue-hair on Geelong Rd yesterday.
    If you want to drive at 95km/h don't do it in the right most lane of a FCUKING FWY.
    The havoc you created as people tried to get around you was ridiculous.

    Yeah tailgaters suck - but seriously, If I were to receive a fine for performing the public service I did yesterday I wouldn't be impressed.
    Some people need to get off the road.

    Just sayin'
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  7. fcukING NANNY STATE...what a fcuking joke.

    Its getting so bad farting in a public place will be banned next....fcuking beige cardigan wearing do-gooders shit me
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  8. Fined? Tailgaters should simply be dragged from their vehicle and shot right after those fukcers that insist on driving at 80 in a 100 zone and then accelerating to 105 when they reach an overtaking lane.
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  9. Well if they want to implement this, can they please start enforcing the current LAW of keeping left. Most tailgating happens because some muppet is sitting in the right lane at his/her definition of the limit, or is zoned out completely with no idea of any traffic behind them. Bust these muppets and reduce this behavior and tailgating will decrease along with it.
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  10. Road Rule 126, Keeping a safe distance behind vehicles

    A driver must drive a sufficient distance behind a vehicle travelling in front of the driver so the driver can, if necessary, stop safely to avoid a collision with the vehicle.

    Penalty: In the case of a driver of a large vehicle, 10 penalty units;

    In any other case, 5 penalty units

    The concept that Hizzoner Lewis thinks a camera system will sort this out flies in the face of common sense, but since he has priors for muddled thinking I am not surprised. Proper, overt policing and enforcement of all road rules in a balanced and fair manner will achieve what all the speed cameras and red light cameras have miserably failed to do. Educate drivers to drive properly and stop being so bloody selfish!!!
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  11. The system is in use in Italy and has been for several years. They have a recommended separation of 2 seconds and set the camera system to 1 second.
    Some of the handheld lasers also have a tailgating mode of operation.
    So, the bad news is that the technology is available and widely proven already, so not difficult to implement.
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  12. What about when you're leaving a safe distance, only for some muppet to assume it's enough space for their SUV and now you're both tailgating? :confused:
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  13. Driving a car 5 days a week for work and covering at least 700kms I am continually astonished at the number of people who think to is perfectly acceptable to sit a foot of your rear bumper in congested traffic. Have had to break check a few morons as most of the time they are looking no further than your car, let alone at what is going on 100 metres down the road. Infuriating most of the time :banghead::facepalm:
  14. Interesting, but how would an automatic camera system differentiate when someone brakes heavily and reduces the distance being maintained by an innocent following motorist?

    The issue I (and probably others) have with these automated systems is that the law puts the onus on the accused, i.e. guilty until proven innocent with little or no room for a full assessment of the actual facts or any extenuating circumstances which would be likely to an on-the-spot copper.
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  15. Break VS Brake
  16. My old bike was an FZ1 with a pretty damn loud Scorpion exhaust, I dropped it into 1st and rode one foot from the rear bumper of a car on the Eastern doing 90kph in the right lane, with my full beams directed straight into their rear view mirror.

    The driver was totally oblivious to me, and the shit they were causing for everyone else. Deaf, blind and absolutely fcuking useless - like about 50% of drivers on Victorian roads. But not speeding. Yay.
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  17. Its funny that speeding, tailgating etc happens on the commute to work, FFS who's in that much of a hurry to get to work? 8 hours later tho, get out of my way!!!!!
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  18. The sooner you get in, the sooner you get out.