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Tailgating camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. I was thinking about this last night while in the cage with a p plater stuck right up my arse.

    How come we don't have tailgating cameras? And if we did, would it be a good thing?

    A quick google search shows the UK are researching it. But that Victoria scrapped plans for it (but with no explanation why).

  2. I think a tailgating canon would be better personally.

  3. Bubblejet or Laser??
  4. anyone remember the bike James Bond Had in Never say Never???

    it had rear facing exploding charges :) good for radiators of tailgaters i'd think.
  5. Hmmm - Laser would be good :)

  6. Then you could print off the guys' number plate...
  7. Lady Penelope was hot!
  8. Pachelbel. :LOL:
  9. 1812 Overture. :LOL:
  10. Netrider... on topic as always :p
  11. Nice work there, G. :LOL:
  12. There's quite a few cars coming out now with those "reversing cameras" fitted (also available as an aftermarket kit). Wonder if you hooked one up to some sort of video recorder whether the footage would be sufficient to get someone booked (ie you'd have proof of how close they were plus should also have a good shot of the licence plate and/or driver).
  13. Born to dv8. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. You mean Moneypenny... Lady Penelope was in Thunderbirds... Or do marionettes do it yor you? :LOL:
  15. Both.

    Lady Penelope was nice and naughty.

    ...and Plastic fantastic.
  16. I'm sure a modified helmet cam, or the like would be good, make sure its ina spot that can see part of your bike for reference tho, and part of the scenery for speed reference.
  17. Or if you want to get real fancy find someway of coupling it in with a GPS unit to give exact speed, time and location data throughout the footage - see 'em try and argue against that in court :).
  18. I've seen an old kit DSE or Jaycar used to sell, of a video imposer... could make good use of that, get a mini-pc with video out, and a usb gps, and a flash card as a hdd... hmmmm... gets me thinkin'.... and can put it all in my boot :LOL: :LOL: perfect...
  19. The difficulty would be proving the distance between the camera and the vehicle behind, to the satisfaction of a court.

    You could record some sort of calibration exercise, but it'd be up to the court to decide whether to rely on that as evidence of the distance of the vehicle shown in the footage.
  20. Too many people will mod it so that it faces forward so that they can make ghost rider films.