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Tailgating bikers!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by teamhamsandwich, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. To the guy on a madass (gn 365) going down dandenong rd this morning... DONT TAILGATE ME. Im normally a rider but drove the 4wd to work this morning and this muppet was a metre from my ass and forced me to go through a yellow I would normally have braked for. If I had of braked he would have been a flattened madass.

    Just take the time to think how long it takes for you to stop and remember to have a a safe option at all times. Your actions were stupid, and will get you killed, or injured. When that happens I bet you will be the first to jump on here and complain about cagers braking for no reason...


  2. Some people just shouldn't be on the roads, whether they're on 2 or 4 wheels.
  3. What, you mean you weren't intimidated by him and forced to go faster?
  4. Not wanting to cause the person behind to crash is understandable. Tailgating in general pisses me off alot. If you tailgate, dont complain when someone doesn't see you and turns into you. Leaving a buffer increases your visibility, gives you more thinking and braking time, and increases your vision of traffic. In short, buffer!
  5. often its the battle of the tailgator vs the tailgatee. If you tailgate you tend not to get tailgated very often and if you leave space cars want you to speed up and close the gap so no one else gets in front.

    Its a paradox!

    Personally I like my space in front and behind so i'll leave some room and if the car behind is annoying i'll give the bars a little wiggle. Works 9 times out of 10. and on the 1 time that it doesn't work, change lanes and let him pass.
  6. Yup, have to be firm when creating a buffer space in front - the person behind you seems to think that driving an inch off your rear will get them wherever they're going faster, despite the car in front only being 2 seconds away. After a minute or so they usually get the point and follow your example of leaving some space. Howerver some are ignorant or aggressive and will continue leaving no gap behind you, in which case some creative throttle can be used to relocate.
  7. When I am ready to pass or waiting for an opportunity to pass, I tailgate, But I am either to one side or the other, where my head light is in their mirrors, so they know I am there.
    If they stop suddenly, I just go past to the side of their cars. Safely.
    But if you sit in the middle behind their cars and they stop suddenly, your deadmeat.
  8. +1

    This should be a part of the splitting 101 course. :p

    Heavy traffic calls for a very different riding style.
  9. I find that using my brake lever just enough to engage the brake light, but not enough to actually put the pads in contact with the disc, can give a tailgater the hint. Flick the brake light on and off a few times and more often than not the person behind me will either drop back or pull out to overtake.

    But I have to say that I've seen people - on 2 wheels and on 4 - who seem to position themselves about one car-length/bike-length away from the vehicle in front and then stay there. Those people are truly scary.

    +1 to riding in one of the wheel tracks. Cars slow and stop much more quickly than bikes, so even if you start braking as soon as the car in front of you does there is a good chance you will close that gap. If you are in one of the wheel tracks you have a much better chance of pulling alongside the car in front instead of going straight into the back of them.
  10. - 1

    With 18 bhp at my disposal, I need a run up to even think about overtaking!
  11. you don't need a litre sports bike to ride one of the wheeltracks and transition into splitting opposed to running up the back of somebody.

    I wasn't suggesting that you gas it past everybody. Don't let your engine capacity envy stop you from picking up good techniques. Deadman's advice was good, regardless of what bike you are riding.
  12. I had a similar incident today. I'm a keen cyclist and always slow down and wait for a truly safe opportunity to pass them in a car or a motorbike. Today I sat behind one in my car, going through some curves, and some guy on an R1 type thing came up and was about a foot from my rear bumper...

    Now this had me worried for a few reasons:

    1) i was taking the next right and would have to brake, would he react in time?
    2) had he seen the cyclist infront of me and understood exactly why i was driving slowly?
    3)if he were to overtake on the inside as i turned right or prior, would he, had he not seen the cyclist, be able to take evasive action to avoid a collision with the cyclist?

    All the while i'm sitting there thinking "all these problems are totally not worth thinking about for a few extra metres of road"...

    bloody tosser.

    And to me, 18bhp is STACKS!!!!
  13. I'm with Zenali, I find flashing brake lights usually works well. People eithor think your about to slow down, can't ride, are insane or have an issue. Eithor way they generally back off... With the exception of P plater commodores. For some reason they need to prove their bog standard sedan is a supercar by speeding past liter bikes??? Some people are strange
  14. Engine capacity envy? This is my second small bike, if I wanted a bigger bike I would have bought one.

    In slow heavy traffic, I do go from wheel track to filtering/splitting. But at a decent speed, if I were to pull out and try to accelerate past without having built up a little more speed beforehand, I'd be a bit of a sitting duck. And again, at speed I think leaving a reasonable gap is prudent - you can still change lanes or split, but you also have the option of braking (and with a mechanical disc up front, I need all the braking room I can get).

    No, I don't have hydraulic twin disc envy.
  15. i am going to say i sit closer to larger vehicles too.....it gives me a better view through the vehicle windows of what is happening in front, smaller vehicles you can normally see over or around, though coming up to lights i do drop back to allow for above situations (y)
  16. We're not in disagreement here. More space means less things to hit. However, we don't live in a perfect world and sometimes we don't have the desired gaps that we like AKA heavy traffic. Thus instead of sitting with a huge gap behind the guy in front and having people keep pulling in front of you, riding a bit closer to the car in front relative to one of the wheel tracks is a good idea. If they brake suddenly you shoot to the side of the car. You don't have to smash it all the way over into the next lane to get through either. Most of the times that i'm using this kind of riding style the engine revs aren't much higher than 2-3 K revs so I'm not using much more horsepower than you.

    You ride to the conditions. Ideally we all want as much space as possible but when that space isn't available there are methods to use that can minimise the risk of not having as much.

    Sorry about my remark about engine envy, your previous post seemed to have an incling of it due to you suggesting that a lack of horses meant you couldn't pull of a technique.
  17. someone else was driving my car years ago and the car behind accellerated to pull out while my car was stopped so banged up the back pretty bad and was so bent that the windscreen couldn't be replaced (drove around with a tarp and 4 bricks for about 4 months!!) - but I found a big dint in the back of your car stops people tailing - there's always this option people...
  18. Also you save on fuel by being in their slip-stream!!

    I don't condone that btw.
  19. I'd say let him get flattened,but I wouldn't want to see that happen to a poor innocent Madass :LOL:
  20. Can we have a rule that you cannot post about bikes here if you are driving a car at the time. Otherwise we will just get all the population coming here to winge at bikes.

    You can post on one of the cage forums if you want to winge.

    This is a bike forum it is supposed to be one sided.